Giants Interested In Duke QB Daniel Jones With No. 17 Pick?

Most of the speculation concerning the Giants’ quarterback of the future this offseason has centered around Ohio State signal-caller Dwayne Haskins and current Cardinals QB Josh Rosen. However, Ryan Dunleavy of says that there is an increasing amount of buzz that the team will use its No. 17 overall pick on Duke quarterback Daniel Jones.

New York, of course, is now armed with two picks in the first round, No. 6 and No. 17, and GM Dave Gettleman has indicated that the successor to Eli Manning will need to be a first-round choice. But Giants brass is reportedly not enamored with Haskins, and it is not yet clear whether Arizona will make Rosen available. The Giants could obviously choose to not select a quarterback at all in the first round and put off acquiring Manning’s replacement for another year, but after Gettleman eschewed taking one of the top signal-callers in last year’s QB-rich draft, that could create a lot of unease in the Big Apple.

Dunleavy goes on to explore Jones’ potential upside, and his sources say that Jones is more fundamentally sound than he is flashy, which seems to suggest that while he may have a high floor, his ceiling may also be relatively low. The mental aspect of his game is pro-ready, but his ability to move around in the pocket and make throws beyond the intermediate range is in question. He also does not have much of a track record against top-level defenses.

He does, though, have a relationship with the Manning brothers, and he played under former Peyton Manning mentor David Cutcliffe with the Blue Devils. He threw for a career-high 22 touchdown passes in 2018, and he threw for between 2,650 and 2,850 yards in each of his three seasons as Duke’s starter. He was the Blue Devils’ first-stringer throughout his career.

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31 comments on “Giants Interested In Duke QB Daniel Jones With No. 17 Pick?

  1. diller1340

    The giants will regret not picking Haskins when they had the chance for the next 10-15 seasons. It’s possible they get burnt by 2 straight years of not drafting a QB by having not picked Darnold and having him in NY also and if Haskins ends up with the redskins he would be in division…..

    • rocky7

      And if Haskins is another JaMarcus Russell….and the Redskins draft him, well be laughing won’t we!
      Haskins has all of 14 games of starting….no pedigree….if he was that good, he’d wait and come out as a junior but no he’s taking advantage of a very weak QB class and he’s at the top of that class!

      • diller1340

        Kyler Murray started the same amount and is midget and is way less accurate and played in against the horrible big12 defenses when Haskins played against much tougher defenses in the big10 and played in a pro style offense

          • rocky7

            Okay…but I do agree it wasn’t as if he was dominant….he had a pretty solid team behind him and that’s what took the Bears to the playoffs.

        • afsooner02

          Heard the same crap about baker too and he proved you wrong….Kyler will do the same.

      • jonnyzuck

        Most guys would rather come out early and be a likely top 10 pick than wait a year and risk injury or poor performance while not getting paid to hopefully move up. He might be great, suck, or be in the middle and anyone that tells you they know for certain how good he will be is just being dishonest. He’s not a perfect prospect but it’s not fair to say teams should avoid him because he’s just taking advantage of a weak QB class

        • rocky7

          Agree, just thinking that the Giants just have too many holes to draft a guy at 6 and have him carry a clipboard for a year, when they can add quality kids that could be plug and play immediately.
          Who really thinks Eli is any kind of a mentor…..he certainly hasn’t said anything like that…so the kid is on his own.
          Most likely, they are top 10 in the draft next year and can look to draft their QB then and play him right away moving away from Eli.

        • rocky7

          And not a very proven one at that…my point exactly!
          RCT…did you forget the vowels in-between!

      • iamhector24

        Did I just read “if he was good he’d go back to school”.

        “what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

    • kenleyfornia2

      Saying they got burned by not taking a QB last year is ridiculous. Saquon is a monster and by far better than any QB they passed on.

        • kenleyfornia2

          I would love to hear how Darnold, Allen or Rosen would have been a better pick than Saquon. Go ahead if its so funny

          • diller1340

            I would love to hear would you rather have a franchise QB or RB?? Funny how easy an answer it is

            • kenleyfornia2

              I would rather have Saquon Barkley than Darnold, Allen or Rosen. I wasn’t aware automatically drafting a QB high makes him the franchise guy. Guess Paxton Lynch, Bortles, Gabbert, EJ Manuel were all franchise QBs as well. Darnold and Allen were both extremely underwhelming. They need to go out and actually perform before you call them a franchise guy or take them over Saquon. Its not even close who the more impactful guy is

  2. rocky7

    Amazing how we don’t hear any “buzz” from the Broncos regarding potentially moving up in the draft to pick Haskins…and they definitely need a QB of the future.
    Guess Elway, who knows QB’s isn’t too enamored with Haskins after all!

    • MrMet17

      Not so sure Elway has had a great track record with his QBs lately, for someone who knows QBs…

      • rocky7

        True but he had a long career so his comments and his impressions are still relevant even though I agree his choices haven’t worked out very well.

  3. imindless

    None of the qbs in this draft are good…then need to build a solid team and target lawerence in a few years. I just hope cards really are that dumb to pass on top defensive talent

  4. COACH212

    How about people wait to see what what the plan instead of overreacting to every single rumor in the media.

    • Perksy

      I’m hoping so because Rosen is the guy I want them to get. No signing bonus to be paid out. It’s low risk. If they can give up a 2nd rounder for him, and then Draft two starters (best available) at 6 and 17. I think this is the way to go. they may even get an offer to trade back at one of those spots and stockpile more picks.

  5. The dude

    Rosen is best move if you told Giants fans they could have Barkley and Rosen and it would only cost them a 3 or 4th round pick. They would of been happier than pigs in shit.

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