Giants Notes: Collins, Rosen, Draft

Earlier this month, the Giants lost Landon Collins to the rival Redskins in free agency, meaning that they will get nothing more than a 2020 compensatory pick in exchange for one of the game’s best young safeties. Meanwhile, they had an opportunity to trade him prior to last year’s deadline, when they probably could have gotten something in the 2019 draft.

That leaves GM Dave Gettleman with some explaining to do, though he downplayed the previously received trade offers when speaking with reporters this week.

The rumor that we were offered a first-round draft pick isn’t even remotely accurate. … Did we have teams call? Yes. But at that point in time I didn’t think (the offers we got were) what he was worth,” Gettleman said (Twitter link via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY).

We don’t recall hearing that the Giants were offered a first-round pick for Collins last year, but we did recently learn that the Buccaneers offered a third-rounder before the deadline. The difference between a third-round pick in 2019 and a compensatory pick in 2020 might not sound like much, but there is definitely a value gap between a surefire pick in the immediate draft and a chance to receive a similarly slotted pick one year later.

Here’s more from New York:

  • Some in the Giants organization liked Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen in the draft last year, but it sounds like he ranked third or fourth out of five first-round QBs on their board, Vacchiano hears. They could explore a trade for Rosen now, but their concern remains the same: Would Rosen’s personality play well in New York? Rosen has been known to be outspoken whereas Eli Manning has survived in the country’s No. 1 media market by staying controversy-free.
  • The Giants could take a QB at No. 6 overall, but Gettleman is not locked in on any signal caller the way in the same he was focused on Saquon Barkley in last year’s draft, according to Vacchiano. Instead, the Giants could target one of this year’s pass rushers with their first pick.
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35 comments on “Giants Notes: Collins, Rosen, Draft

  1. johnnybadd2019

    Rosen is anti-trump and will get himself in trouble in ny with his mouth

    • Steven Juris

      That should play well in NYC. More true Americans then the fascist Trumpsters.

      • rocky7

        Do you even know what Fascist means?
        Comment again when you turn 18!

      • hooahdefender98

        By NY you mean the City…the rest of the state is very pro-trump.

        As for Rosen…I’d only give a 2nd rounder for himz

      • rocky7

        Do you really think the NY Giants are anti Trump?
        I think the Marra’s will discount the so called political views of fans who come to the game dressed in Giants blue not Democrat Blue! And I’e got new for you…lots more Trump support in NY and NJ than you think…you must be one of the I love the Free Line people.

      • rocky7

        Another Free Liner heard from the far left!
        Let’s stick to football talk! No need to hear from the far left.

        • Steezy

          Tells someone to stop talking about politics, makes passive aggressive comment about other persons political beliefs

        • rct

          Disliking Trump does not make someone ‘far left’. There are even plenty of Republicans who hate him. Oh well. Back to football.

  2. Z-A

    Before this offseason safety was not the hot commodity it turned out to be even with an a dozen on the market. So they prob thought they could retain him. Peppers graded 19th, I think Collons graded 39th? PFF. so they did just fine.

    • rocky7

      Agreed….where did this Zach Links get the rumor that Gettle passed up a third round pic from the Bucs for Collins???
      Haven’t heard that one on a single Giants rumors blog…guess we’ll never know the source but I guess anybody can float bull these days in the name of journalism.

  3. rocky7

    Who is the “we heard the Bucs were offering a third round pick in this years draft”????
    In none of the Giants blogs has anything been said about this particular rumor….if it is indeed true, wouldn’t it have come out sooner as it makes news and fuels all these rumors blogs.
    Can we get some clarification on this Zach Links?

    • acarneglia

      Ralph Vacchiano reported it. Click on the link to the original post

    • rct

      Clarification is not needed. Zach linked to the story directly in the article. Please take a look.

  4. mriescher

    I’m a Giant fan and kind of asking this of others…. hypothetically if Oakland came to the giants and said our 3 firsts for Barkley would you do it?

    • John Shaw

      Not on a million years. Williams is the only player in this draft that comes close to the type of generational talent Saquon is and even then I wouldn’t do it.

  5. ruckus727

    Rosen is hot garbage as a player. No problem with him personally or with his outspokenness. He just can’t play. Maybe it’s too soon to call him a complete bust but I’m not a believer. I doubt anyone would give more than a 4th rounder this year. And that’s if they really liked him as a prospect last year.

    • Trip

      Not a Rosen fan at all but to his defense, he hasn’t been on a good football team since high school so if surrounded by a good team (o-line) he could be a very good QB.

    • trout27

      I disagree. Josh had to run for his life every time the ball was snapped. The Cards had one of the worst OL in history. Given a decent line and good running game Rosen can be very solid. Remember what Goff looked like his rookie season and compare it to the McVay system.

  6. Perksy

    I wouldn’t have a problem if the Giants traded a mid round pick for Rosen. No signing bonus needs to be paid out, just remainder of the rookie contract. At least they would have someone that could be developed. Many believe he can be a legit starter in the NFL. And they can still draft a QB next year if in position.

    • bobg529

      Yeah I agree. I would give a couple of mid rounders for Rosen. I think the potential is there if he gets some protection up front. I seriously believe the Giants are a better team now than they were a month ago. Vernon was overated. OBJ was a fucking head case and always will be. Landon collins replaced by Peppers? Yes please. Trade for Rosen and use first rounders on o line and d line.

      • Perksy

        Yes agreed. And I wouldn’t be opposed to trading down at 6 to acquire more picks. They could use the draft capital. Lot of holes to fill.

  7. BoSoxWin

    Sorry Giants fans, but 2019 is a lost cause for the G-men. If everything goes their way and Eli finds the fountain of youth, they are at best an 8-8 team. Both Philly & Dallas are far ahead of NY in overall talent and although Washington has issues at QB, they might have the best overall defense in the NFC East. Giants will be battling Washington for 3rd place in the East and May very well end up in the basement again.

    They need a franchise QB, more offensive weapons and some serious help in the secondary. While they can fill some of their needs through the draft, it’s going to be another tough year for the Giants. The real question is who in NY will win more games, the Giants or the Jets?

    • Perksy

      I don’t think anyone in a Giant land is thinking they will be much better. But want to see things headed in the right direction . I would try and acquire more picks, and then have $90 mil in cap space next year.

  8. sethesq

    #37 for Rosen
    #6 & #37 for Rosen & #1 (Bosa or Williams)
    #6 & #17 for Rosen, #33 & #1 (Bosa or Williams)

    hey, I didn’t say it’d had a chance in Hell of happening lol

  9. Perksy

    The only realistic one is the first choice #37 for Rosen. Or maybe even a lower pick or him.

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