Le’Veon Bell Deciding Between Five Teams?

Free agents have been flying off the board but perhaps the biggest name, running back Le’Veon Bell, remains unsigned. The market does appear to be narrowing down for Bell’s services, and there’s a “good likelihood” he signs with one of the Jets, Colts, Ravens, Packers, Texans, or Bills, according to Josina Anderson of ESPN.com (Twitter link).

However, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com soon tweeted that the Colts are officially out on Bell, which would narrow down the list to five teams. Furthermore, the Packers have already spent a ton of money today on Adrian Amos, Za’Darius Smith, and Preston Smith, so they might not no longer be able to fit the massive contract Bell is seeking into their cap.

The Jets have been the team most heavily linked to Bell for months now. There have been conflicting reports about their level of interest, and rumors they’re concerned about his weight, but they’ve been the one constant when discussing Bell. The Jets are looking to add some excitement, need a running back, and have plenty of cap space, so they still make the most sense on paper.

The Ravens make some sense as well, as they’re looking for weapons for Lamar Jackson and are planning to have a very run-heavy offense. The Texans and Bills are more outside the box options, as both have established running backs. The Texans have Lamar Miller, while the Bills have LeSean McCoy and just added Frank Gore. Both Gore and McCoy are getting up there in age while the Texans could get out of Miller’s contract fairly easily, so they’re both definitely options.

Interestingly, Anderson’s list doesn’t include the Raiders. After trading for Antonio Brown, rumors began swirling that Jon Gruden would attempt to re-pair him with Bell in Oakland. That could still be the case, although they didn’t make Anderson’s shortlist.


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23 comments on “Le’Veon Bell Deciding Between Five Teams?

    • BAINES03

      “However, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com soon tweeted that the Colts are officially out on Bell, which would narrow down the list to five teams.”

      It helps to read the article

  1. brewcrew08

    Come to GB! There’s something in the water today I have a feeling..Guty isn’t messing around!

  2. Clark K32

    That list doesn’t make sense. GB has Jones. Colts have said they’re out. The Bills have 43 87 year old RBs (Bell is too young for them).

    & I know the Jets are the favorite, but why? At best you’re saying “we’re #2. We’re #2.” & who wants to say that?

  3. PeterDipersio

    I think bell is overrated he sat out a year, will have to get familiar with another teams system and won’t have the offensive weapons around him like he did in Pittsburgh!

    • Senioreditor

      Your comment is overrated. Dude had nearly 2000 all purpose yards he’s NOT overrated.

  4. Dkaner

    Interesting that the rumors surround his weight. It is March and he does not play football until camp in July so I am pretty sure 4 months of hard workouts will get him back in football shape after taking a year off. I doubt that he is so over weight that he would spoil his chance at a big pay day which is why he took off the year in the first place. Anyway, it seems he has to choose between sucky ass teams to get his cash. However, the Jets have really gone out and signed some good players and have a young QB in place. He could go to GB but they have been declining for years and AR lost to the Lions TWICE last year. Take the Jets money and roll the dice. None of the teams on that list is going to the Super Bowl its all about the Benjamins!

    • Brad

      Jets don’t want to look too eager or they will have to pay more. Any discount they can get they will take.

    • dugdog83

      Even with Bell the packers are gonna lose twice again to the Lions again. Packers have done nothing this offseason and hired a bunch of no name coaches. Have fun cheeseheads welcome to the bottom of the North.

      • Harvey's Bangerz

        ‘Bottom of the North’…? Do you live there? I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the Packers have spackled some holes today. If they decide and somehow find a way to add Bell (though highly doubtful), e’rybody look out.

        Regardless, the Packers got much better on day 2, and I’m going to doubt 2 losses to the Lions are scheduled for 2019. The Packers also have a history (a couple times now) of going to the Super Bowl within a couple of years of hiring no name coaches, thanks for the reminder.

        Mmmm…this cheese tastes a little better today. You should try some.

      • rodgerspack26

        packers have agreed to 4 free agents today, 3 huge upgrades on the defensive side. when they already had Daniels, Clark. Alexander. Martinez and king…. get it together man…. not only have the pack signed players. they have completely redone their coaching staff…. pack will be legitimate contenders… and have the best team… on paper… right now.. in the north

  5. Brad

    Obviously want it to be Philly, but don’t see it happening. After the Mack contract work, I think the Bears push hard for a Howard trade and bring in Bell. Would be huge for Trubisky and that offense even though they still need a solid WR. I’d say Jets, Bears, or my dark horse would be the Bucs if they could get some money. Maybe move McCoy or rework his contract.

    • medic87

      hearing the Bears too, absent from “the list” which usually means it wont be 1 of those teams.

  6. mgrap84

    Well seeing as the Ravens are just sitting around doing nothing but getting rid of players, i dont see him coming here

    • dynamite drop in monty

      You can say that about pretty much every back in the NFL

  7. medic87

    raiders back on the list, keep hearing Bears from my “sources”, lol.

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