Rams Yet To Discuss Jared Goff Extension

Having played three seasons, Jared Goff is now extension-eligible. But the Rams’ payroll, after a busy 2018, includes a few top-market contracts — a payroll option aided by Goff still being tied to his rookie deal.

It can be expected for the Rams to sign Goff long-term, but at the moment, the franchise has not seriously discussed this. They have not ruled out a 2019 extension for Goff, but it doesn’t seem to be a front-burner issue right now.

Jared’s obviously extremely important to us. But those are things that, we know we want to get him done at some point,” Sean McVay said (via the Los Angeles Times’ Gary Klein, on Twitter). “Whether it happens this year, next year, those are things we haven’t really gotten into in depth about yet.”

The Rams last year authorized their big-ticket extensions late in the summer, with Brandin Cooks, Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald agreeing to new deals between July 17 and August 31 of last year. So, the team may be tabling this until that point on the calendar. However, Goff could be under Rams control for $8.9MM this season under the terms of his current contract. The Rams have $5.4MM in cap space.

This comes at a time when the Eagles are eyeing a 2019 extension for Carson Wentz, who was taken one pick after Goff in 2016. While a Goff extension would be proactive, with deals for Wentz, Patrick Mahomes and others set to reshape a market that has already changed significantly over the past year. The Rams waited until Donald’s fifth-year option season to finalize a second contract for the all-world defender. Gurley, though, had two years of team control remaining at the time of his signing.

Goff did not fare well in Super Bowl LIII but set new career-high marks with 4,688 passing yards, 32 touchdown passes and a 65.4 QBR during the regular season. The yardage and QBR figures are far north of his 2017 Pro Bowl season’s numbers. Another strong season would raise the 24-year-old passer’s stock further.

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11 comments on “Rams Yet To Discuss Jared Goff Extension

      • Z-A

        The Rams may be looking for a new GM if they extend Goff at the going rate of 25-30M.

      • imindless

        More than 1 bad game 3 games if you include super bowl 55% completion and 1 td 2 picks….if you want to go back further from the half way point dude throw more picks than touchdowns….they will evalute him again after this season if he chokes again they will go sign a proven veteran.

        • kenleyfornia2

          He torched the Cowboys/Saints to get to the super bowl so thats not 3 bad games. And if your reffering to the regular season thats pointless. Going 13-3 is more than acceptable

          • Z-A

            Going 13-3 is a team accomplishment dont mic that with his performance that is separate when discussing contracts. Ravens won a SB with Dilfer and Flacco neither of which deserved a huge contract bc the D was the driving force of both runs.

  1. kenleyfornia2

    Goff is going to cost more in guarantees than Cousins. Better to hold off on that until at least next year

  2. Z-A

    They could always trade up to #1 or #2 again and focus their cap space on defense and offensive weapons. Franchise and trade Goff even if they win a SB. Look at Flacco, won, got paid, team has been mediocre ever since.

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