Bengals RB Mark Walton Arrested

Bengals running back Mark Walton has been arrested for the third time in three months, according to Miami-Dade court records. The former University of Miami standout was cuffed on felony charges of carrying a concealed firearm, resisting an officer without violence, possession of marijuana, and reckless driving in connection with a high-speed chase in March. 

Walton, authorities say, was weaving in and out of traffic in his rented car. Eventually, Walton pulled over in the front yard of a home and initially complied with orders to fall to the ground. However, he quickly sprang up and took off running. Cops used a stun gun to try and subdue Walton, but he took off the prongs and fled the scene. When officers searched Walton’s car, they found 14 grams of marijuana, a 9 mm carbine rifle and several fully loaded clips.

This comes on the heels of two other incidents – Walton was charged with misdemeanor battery after a February skirmish with a neighbor was also arrested for marijuana possession in January. The 2018 fourth-round pick seems very likely to face NFL discipline for his off-the-field incidents and his future with the Bengals could be in jeopardy.

Despite injuries, showed serious promise with the Hurricanes, including a sophomore season in which he topped 1,100 yards on the ground and scored 14 touchdowns. Last year, however, he had just 14 carries for 34 yards as he played behind Joe Mixon and Giovani Bernard.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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23 comments on “Bengals RB Mark Walton Arrested

  1. deal1122

    Bengals continue their wonderful track record of having the smartest guys in the league!

  2. troll_smasher

    Where is my man splbab/captainchaos, or whatever name he’s using today? Seems to have opinions on the character of all the other players in the league. Can’t wait to see the opinion on this.

    • slpdajab55

      I’m here troll smasher .. I have the same opinion … Bengal or not .. as I’ve told you multiple times. Kick his azz out of the league. I hated the draft pick when they took him. New it was a matter of time. I hate players that don’t respect the privilege of playing in the league regardless of their stripes. Born and raised a Bengal fan … as I’ve told you before … I’m not going to jump ship … if a Bengal warrants the same criticism I’ll give it to them. One thing you can not say is that I’ve ever defended a Bengal doing this nonsense just because he’s a Bengal. I hope they cut him ASAP…

  3. crosseyedlemon

    The good news is that they have no video of him getting a special massage.

  4. MileHighFan

    This guy must have missed Cris Carter’s “fall guy” lecture at the rookie symposium.

    • earmbrister

      Me thinks not. Walton did as ordered when the police commanded “fall guy”. Perhaps he didn’t stay till the end of Carter’s lecture for the “and stay down” segment.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    “Cops used a stun gun to try and subdue Walton, but he took off the prongs and fled the scene.”

    I guess it was only a matter of time until someone decided to update the “Ickey Shuffle”.

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