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The Dolphins have spent more time researching Josh Rosen than any other team in the league in recent weeks, Peter King of NBC Sports hears. That could be a sign that the Dolphins are a serious suitor for Rosen as the draft draws near. 

Rosen, last year’s No. 10 overall pick, could be up for grabs if the Cardinals follow through on taking Kyler Murray No. 1 overall on Thursday. Multiple QB-needy teams have been connected to the UCLA product, but, so far, no one sounds willing to give up a first or second rounder. The Redskins, once thought to be a logical frontrunner for his services, appear to have cooled on him, but the Dolphins would be a sensible fit.

The Dolphins inked Ryan Fitzpatrick to be their QB in March, but he’s not a long-term solution for the position. In theory, the Dolphins could select their QB of the future at No. 13 overall, but it’ll be slim pickins if the Cardinals, Redskins, and Giants all use their first-round ammo to select signal callers. Such an outcome would also hamper the Cardinals’ leverage, which may allow the Dolphins to land Rosen for their third round pick at No. 78 overall.

For what it’s worth, the Cardinals are willing to keep Rosen even if Murray is their guy – or, at least, that’s the narrative they seem to be pushing. There’s also a possibility that they’ll select a defender with the top pick, which would allow Rosen to stay in place as their starter in 2019.

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9 comments on “Latest On Dolphins, Josh Rosen

  1. rcalvin1

    If the cardinals draft Murray they should have him sit and play Rosen. Let them compete and then make you’re decision.

    • jjabrony

      Trade value is based on the unknown. Once one of them gets beat out by the other, the one that loses is instantly seen as a back-up level QB and trade value plummets. Also, after the draft, you’re gonna have about three QB-needy teams with Will Grier, Haskins, Drew Lock and Daniel Jones, so they won’t be desperate for a QB anymore. Right now is the time to move while there are still QB needy teams out there. Either take what you can get for Rosen or what you can get for the #1 pick.

  2. JJB0811

    I really don’t understand the ‘Fins rebuild. If they want a true rebuild, then they need to trade back in both the 1st and 2nd rounds & collect picks. They need to add as many players in rounds 2-4 as they can. That’s for any rebuild.

    As for Rosen, why bring him in if you can’t protect him or give him WR’s or a running game? He’s not very good in that situation; look at last years results. And that goes for about 90% of the QB’s not just Rosen.

      • captainsalty

        Sorry idiot, I agree that they need to add as much talent as possible and not just a big splash

      • JJB0811

        You’re right, the Fins are only 2 picks away from contending. They only came in 31st in offense last year and 28th in D. Yeah, just one or 2 players away from contending.

  3. ohioplayers

    Harvard alum and epic beard-haver, Ryan Fitzpatrick, is always better as an injury fill-in (That was the case in Cincinnati, Buffalo, Houston, New York and Tampa) than as a planned starter like in Tennessee or after getting a contract extension. Trading for Rosen and expecting Fitzpatrick to play off the bench is clearly the best plan.

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