Gettleman: Beckham Deal An “Offer I Couldn’t Refuse”

In the lead up to the NFL Draft, Giants general manager Dave Gettleman addressed the team’s trade of Odell Beckham Jr. to the Browns for a first- and third-round pick, and safety Jabrill Peppers, calling it an offer he couldn’t pass up, Yahoo Sports’ Terez Paylor writes

“It was a business decision,” Gettleman said. “Back in the day when you franchise-tagged a player, if someone came and signed them, that gave you two first-round picks. That’s only happened once in the history of the NFL, and that was Sean Gilbert.

“So basically I had a team call me up that offered me not only two No. 1 picks [Peppers was a first-round draft pick in 2017], but a third-round pick as well. And it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

Though the deal appeared too good to pass up to Gettleman, it did leave $16MM in dead money for the Giants, who inked the receiver to a five-year, $95 million contract ($65MM guaranteed) back in August.

It was just the latest move that has drawn the ire of Giants fans. Many were also upset when the team passed on taking Sam Darnold with the No. 2 pick to take Saquon Barkley. Though Barkley impressed as a rookie, the team still has a 38-year-old quarterback in Eli Manning it needs to find a successor for. The plan appears to be to take that signal-caller with one of its first-round picks this Thursday.

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26 comments on “Gettleman: Beckham Deal An “Offer I Couldn’t Refuse”

  1. metnoxious

    Not a Giants fan but for cryin our loud let the freakin guy do his job. They got picks and added a few people in the off-season. Quit complaining you could be a Lions fan.

  2. Whateverworks77

    Too bad the Browns couldnt have traded their two 2014 first rounders to get it done….lol…gilbert n manziel

  3. dugdog83

    Any football fan: If you redid the 2017 draft, Peppers wouldn’t go in the first round. He’s not that good.

    Gettleman: I had to say something.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Peppers played well in 2018. He was awful his rookie year sure but improved a lot

    • mriescher

      It’s a NY team if he goes to a restaurant reporters are asking why he didn’t go to the one down the street. He can’t stop talking or they will burn him down even more.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Reporters: “Why didn’t you go to the restaurant down the street?”
        Gettleman: “I was informed that McDonalds already had a clown and didn’t need another”.

      • diller1340

        If he just stops talking does his job and puts up some wins everyone in NY would love him. If he goes around running his mouth drawing more and more attention to his questionable decisions that’s when NY will burn him down even more

        • crosseyedlemon

          A GM that can supply the media with “Godfather” quotes is priceless. Gettleman will have many opportunities to say “Look how they massacred my boy(s)” this season.

  4. acarneglia

    If the Giants walk away from Night 1 of the draft without either Haskins or Daniel Jones it’s a failure

  5. Yep it is

    Gettleman has no clue to what he is doing or what the direction is. He can say whatever he is clueless.

  6. kylewait89

    And if he comes away with a starting QB, WR and an OL or two, then what? Dude traded away Beckham who was more trouble than he was worth and Vernon who is talented but may start to fall off. Browns likely have a better season than NY but the Giants set themselves up for the potential to improve substantially. Make fun of him if he blows it but he was able to replace guys he lost with less expensive options.

  7. Max Jackson

    I still don’t get the deal. Gettleman gets Peppers and 1st/3rd picks which is essentially betting on his own skill/luck to draft somebody comparable to Beckham at some position.

    …oh and eating 16 mil to do it.

    Where does this make sense?

  8. mriescher

    Next year the dead money and Eli all will be off the books $56 million. The trades were all about next years cap space. Nothing more

  9. Sick of Losing

    Huge Giants fan and I have to question the reporting here. If you did a poll of Giants fans, the majority were very happy at the Saquon pick. I’ve yet to hear an abundance of fans upset that we didn’t take Darnold.

    Also – I disagree that you have to be upset if Giants don’t take Jones or Haskins first night. There’s talent in this draft that *MAY OR MAY NOT* work out in Round 2 – Drew Lock, Will Grier. No QB is a sure thing. I am not infatuated with either Haskins or Jones personally and would rather bolster defense and try for a round 2 winning QB or to use that high round 2 pick to swap with AZ for Rosen. I’m not a huge fan of any of the QB’s in this class TBH aside from Murray. Too many uncertainties.

    But – the goal of the OBJ trade despite ire of Giants fans was to 1. get rid of anyone from the Jerry Reese era aside from Eli. 2. Rebuild with serious cap room next offseason. I hated losing OBJ but you have to look at the bigger picture. That’s a haul for a WR with some minor injuries and character flaws when AB was just swapped for a 3 + 5 (major character flaws).

    Let’s see what happens. I criticized Reese for not making enough moves until his job was on the line, now I’m riding Gettleman for making too many. If this experiment fails, by the end of next season Gettleman will be out.

    • YoHoHo!

      Not a Giants fan but I agree with you. Manning can still play. Plus Gettleman is in an impossible position. If he keep OBJ and he gets hurt or has another character meltdown the media/fans would criticize the extension, especially if this trade offer would come out. Best thing to hope for is a solid draft with positive results in the W column and review the QB position next season.

    • spacemonkey

      Big time Giants fan here. Want to echo what you did about this outside NY sentiment last year that the Giants draft was a bust last year because of Saquon. I don’t know any fan that feels this way. We all love the guy. Plays hard and w no ego. The game is not about him. When they picked him, it was about his talent and having a face of the franchise. Darnold might be a nice player down the road, but no regrets here or from any Giants fan I know.

      On the draft front this year, I do not subscribe to the belief that you Must come away w a QB here or it’s a failure. I personally do not have a conviction that one of these guys, Murray included, is a Super Bowl QB. If that’s DG’s take too, you pass and beef up in other areas.

      No, I’m no Eli apologist. I believe we should have went after a non-Foles FA this year and pulled the plug on Eli. Love everything he did for the team. Last year should have been the swansong. He might have the ability to make the passes but he does not have the ability to stay in the pocket. As soon as the pocket is pressured he chucks it.

  10. brownsfan66

    it’s a win win for both teams but I feel like the browns got a player with questionable trusty relationship with a GM but Beckham. Jr is one hell if a player so it will be interesting

  11. lettersandnumbersonly

    10 years from now, when looking back. Who thinks Darnold fans will be more pleased than Barkley fans? My money is on Saquon, barring career ending injury. In other words, Darnold was not gonna be “the answer” for the Giants. And Saquon doesn’t come around every draft. There’s a Darnold every draft in my opinion

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