Broncos, Chris Harris Exchange Offers

The Broncos issued a new contract offer to cornerback Chris Harris on Tuesday, according to Troy Renck of Denver7 (Twitter link), and Harris and his team have made a counteroffer, tweets Mike Klis of 9News.

Harris, who is entering the final year of his contract, first discussed an extension with Denver in March, but after no progress was made, the veteran defensive back in April laid down an ultimatum, requesting either a new deal or a trade. Rumors swirled during a draft indicating a trade could be imminent, but once no swap occurred, negotiations have seemingly become less acrimonious. Harris has indicated he wants to remain on the Broncos’ roster, and general manager John Elway spoke with Harris’ agent for the first time last week.

At one point, Harris was seeking $15MM annually on a fresh pact, but that target is essentially a non-starter. Xavien Howard just barely cleared that threshold to become the league’s highest-paid cornerback last week, and he’s four years younger than the 30-year-old Harris. Denver is certainly open to giving Harris a raise from his current $8.5MM/year rate, but the club may not want to over-invest at corner after signing free agents Kareem Jackson (three years, $33MM) and Bryce Callahan (three years, $21MM) earlier this offseason.

Harris appeared in 12 games and posted three interceptions a year ago before suffering a fractured fibula in early December. Pro Football Focus graded Harris, who spent 58% of his time in the slot, as the third-best cornerback in the NFL.

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14 comments on “Broncos, Chris Harris Exchange Offers

  1. crosseyedlemon

    Most defensive players would jump at a chance to play for Vic Fangio who has been an architect of top defenses in both San Francisco and Chicago. Harris needs to stop acting like a prima donna and just sign.

    • dave13

      What are you talking about? He wants an extension like 99% of players, coaches and executives on the last year of their contract. He’s been a top Corner in the league for few years and is obviously starting the negotiations at that top level. And the club is obviously starting much lower to try to get the best deal possible.

      That’s simple posturing for negotiations maybe that’s too much for a simple minded person like you but that’s how negotiations work.

      After not much progress he demanded a trade or an extension, again very common tactic to get the conversation started again and it seemed to have worked because they are discussing an extension again.

      Nothing he has done is “prima Donna” and no he shouldn’t just sign you don’t know what the numbers Denver is offering. You don’t know the contract details so how can he just sign. He’s trying to get fair market value for his talent and more likely than not his last significant contract.

      I’m not even a fan of the broncos just can’t believe the lack of IQ you displayed

      • highplainsdriftr

        I agree. That dude is a moron. Harris is right and deserves a raise. And I say this as a Raider fan

        • bigjonliljon

          And after his contract is up he will be free to test the market and possibly get that raise. Until then, he is being paid quite well for possibly a decking player who also missed 5 games last year.

    • ziggy13

      Lol. this dude is a top corner making just over half what top corners are getting paid.

  2. Max Jackson

    Chris Harris is in Aqib Talib’s chair now. He IS their top corner. Top corners cost money. He’s done everything to the letter as a pro bowl professional.

    Miller got paid because he’s their top line defender. Harris is their top secondary guy and should be treated the same way for his secondary work.


    Otherwise Broncos will start looking like they don’t reward their players for doing their job.

    • zpgreen

      I just want to preface my comment with the fact that I’m a broncos fan and believe Harris deserves top money.

      However, your argument isn’t totally accurate given that secondary player’s skill set deteriorates quicker than lineman and linebackers. Losing just one step in speed as a cornerback is the difference between being elite and being on the bench or getting traded. For example, look at Jimmy Smith from the Ravens. Graded out as one of, if not the top slot corners just 2 or 3 years ago. This year, his grading plummeted and there were trade talks and even talks of getting cut earlier this offseason.

      • Max Jackson

        That’s a very good point, but he’s been pretty darn consistent. His numbers are really hard to argue. In your defense, his injury last year does point to some concern in terms of wear and tear and that step does mean a lot. We haven’t seen him back on the field yet since the injury, bad timing for Harris for sure.

        • zpgreen

          Ya bad timing for sure. It is just tough to think about your favorite team and players as a business because realistically, 30 tends to be the hump where players fall off and as much as I think Harris deserves the contract, the broncos have to run the business and giving Harris $15M per year over 3 or 4 years just seems like it might come back to bite them at the end. Maybe do something like $12M a year for 4 years with $30M guaranteed or something.

          • Max Jackson

            Right, I just hope they do what they can to hold onto him. If they lose Harris without a decent table attempt, their QB dilemma could quickly folder over into a cornerback one. Having that depth with Chris at the top would be getting the secondary done. I think they could touch 15 on one or two of the years with above average guaranteed, it’s unfair to ask Xavier money though. That dude is a wave younger and putting up Patrick Peterson like numbers. So I think that kind of comparison isn’t really balanced. Curious to see the outcome.

  3. Eliseobfelix

    I thi k people are saying the prime Donna thing because it seems like it was a problem they handed out more money to other CBS like Kareem and Bryce and he’s been on one of the best contracts in the NFL one the cheapest conrners and in the top 5 of his position and already took a discount with the first contract he signed with Denver

  4. Eliseobfelix

    I thi k people are saying the prime Donna thing because it seems like it was a problem they handed out more money to other CBS like Kareem and Bryce and he’s been on one of the best contracts in the NFL one the cheapest conrners and in the top 5 of his position and already took a discount with the first contract he signed with Denver because they seen the potential in him he has played and taken a discount already pay him more but not top corner because 15million not worth it but 10 11 million and I signing bonus I dont see why it coucouldn’t get done. And it will get done because they didnt trade him during the draft if he was going anywhere hed been traded by now.

  5. Thomas Bliss

    I think we should pay the man. If the offense isn’t getting any better than we need to keep the stars on D that we have while adding to them. Him, Jackson and Callahan will be amazing together but it only works if you pay the guy to be on the field.

    • Thomas Bliss

      I’m more worried about the return game. 9 different guys returned a punt or kick and it wasn’t anything special.

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