NFL To Investigate Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott

The NFL will likely review Ezekiel Elliott‘s Las Vegas incident to determine whether he violated the terms of previous suspension guidelines, Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports hears. Elliott, who was banned for six games for alleged acts of physical abuse against an ex-girlfriend, could theoretically be hit with another suspension from the league office. 

When asked about Elliott’s latest issue last week, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters, “I don’t see that having any consequences for us.” Jones may be outwardly confident, but Robinson hears the Cowboys believe that the running back has been unfairly put under a microscope by commissioner Roger Goodell.

Elliott was briefly handcuffed at a concert earlier this month after bumping a security guard and TMZ procured video of the incident. If the NFL finds that Elliott “threatened physical violence against another person,” that could spell trouble for the 23-year-old (24 in July).

Meanwhile, the Cowboys are discussing an extension with Elliott that would make him the league’s highest-paid running back.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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24 comments on “NFL To Investigate Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott

    • waytay

      You draft him hoping he will grow up but if he doesn’t cut him quickly.
      As it only gets worse as his associates are part of the issue
      As if he doesn’t have fame and $$$
      They will leave and he pays for his choices for the rest of his life

  1. jorge78

    How does TMZ accomplish these things? A fat checkbook?
    The NFL needs to take note.
    And why can’t Elliott stay out of trouble? How does he not get the whole worlds cameras are aimed at him?

    • rct

      The NFL doesn’t need to take note. The NFL has waaay more money than TMZ. They would just rather not have these stories out there at all.

    • waytay

      Because he acts like he does.Gronk
      Acted like a party boy but never did anything that the NFL,Patriots or the Police had a problem with.He had funny without the Rice,Hunt and Elliot violence. time for the problems to be kicked out of the NFL so players can realize there are consequences

  2. bencole

    Let’s just have the NFL stop caring about what players do off the clock already. Good god.

    • dcahen

      Yeah, Bencole, let’s just turn a blind eye to the Ray Rice’s & Kareem Hunt’s of the world. If they want to abuse women off the clock, what the hell, let them. You’re a total idiot. Stop caring about their image issues costs big bucks. You sign a contract to represent the team & league; what you do off the clock is part of that contract. I personally think they should be kicked out for life. You know how you’re supposed to act as a professional, if you can’t abide by that, then you can’t be a professional, period.

    • waytay

      Moron that is why a few make the league look bad.He represents the Cowboys 24 hours a day until he is out of football that is why he makes the dollars he does

  3. connfyoozed

    To me, you’re not “being unfairly put under a microscope” if you keep putting yourself in public view in a bad way. Whether he likes it or not, Elliott is a public figure with a currently bad track record, and as much it might be a bright idea to either maintain a lower profile or change who he hangs out with, or both.

  4. DarkSide830

    go do something useful Goodell. stop harassing people that were never found guilty.

  5. Dennid

    So many pampered kids just being given everything they need and the mess it up by being stupid. No sympathy for him at all.

  6. dalton2green22

    Give anybody special treatment and they will always feel they are invincible, look at that idiot marshawn illiterate Lynch, he did what he wanted the last 6 years.

  7. waytay

    Time for this guy to be kicked out of the league as even on his best behavior he is a problem.Gangster wanna be

    • earmbrister

      Kicked out of the league? For what? You have athletes involved in homicides, drugs, domestic violence, DUI, etc. He’s not a Hunt or a Hill. If his recent behavior warrants it, you’re talking a game or two suspension.

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