Patriots Rumors: Caserio, Belichick, Mayo

After his flirtation with (and near departure to) the Texans, it has been rumored that Patriots exec Nick Caserio badly wants out of New England. That’s not necessarily the case, according to Jeff Howe of The Athletic, who likens Caserio’s situation to that of any player in a contract year.

While Caserio could leave next year when his contract expires, Howe says that it’s too early to predict the outcome of the situation. It has been speculated that Caserio is eager to take on more responsibilities, so one has to wonder whether he could be convinced to stay if he is given more power – and perhaps a different title – within Bill Belichick‘s operation.

Here’s more on the Pats, via Howe:

  • The Patriots technically will not have a defensive coordinator in 2019 after Greg Schiano‘s latest flip-flop. Inside linebackers coach Jerod Mayo called the defensive plays for much of minicamp, but the plan is still for Belichick to handle those responsibilities during the season, Howe hears. Howe’s educated guess: Belichick could grant play calling responsibilities to Mayo in 2020 and hand him the DC job as early as 2021, which would be consistent with the team’s previous handling of the role.
  • Much has been made of the departure of team chaplain Jack Easterby to the Texans, but his absence has been described as “overrated.”
  • So far, the Patriots coaching staff is enthused by what they’ve seen from linebacker Jamie Collins, who returned to the club this offseason after being let go by the Browns. That goes for Collins’ on-field and off-field work, which is good news considering the way he clashed with coaches before he was traded to Cleveland.
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11 comments on “Patriots Rumors: Caserio, Belichick, Mayo

  1. If Caserio wants to be the guy, he’s either going to have to leave NE or wait until BB retires. There is no in between.

  2. GMB 883

    Sure there is. It could be that he signs a 5 year deal with the Patriots in which he becomes the GM for a lot more $. In the contract it says that as soon as BB retires from his coaching role and becomes Exec VP or President, Caserio has the authority to make all personnel decisions. Most likely Josh McDaniels is the HC. Nick and Josh are very close (college buddies).

    • You really think that BB is going to permit anyone from messing w his roster and drafts while he’s coaching? Completely delusional. BB is the man and that will not change until he is gone… Caserio’s other option is to leave to go to a new franchise, with no large shadow over him, for a lot more $$ than whatever contract the patriots are willing to shell out.

  3. GMB 883

    BB is 67. Can’t see him coaching another 5 years. Maybe 3. That’s when NC assumes the authority to make all personnel decisions. In the mean time he is paid extremely well. More than most GM’s.

    • bradthebluefish

      Agreed. Also, Brady is nearly 42 and I can only see go for another 3 years.

  4. madmanTX

    Everybody wants of New England because they can see the dynasty is fading in the near future. Even the chaplain split, so he knows.

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