Patriots Want To Keep Nick Caserio

The Texans want to interview Nick Caserio for their GM position, but the Patriots want to keep him, Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter) hears. For now, things remain in a holding pattern as the Patriots try to figure out how they can hold on to the valuable executive. 

In theory, the Patriots can deny the interview request on the grounds by arguing that the Houston job does not entail sufficient decision-making authority. However, that could be tough to pull off. The Texans seem to want Caserio badly, so one has to imagine that he would wield full authority over all aspects of roster construction. Also, the Texans job would give Caserio the formal GM title, something he lacks in New England.

Bill Belichick has acted as the Patriots’ GM for years, though Caserio holds significant influence in the draft and free agency. Rapoport wonders aloud if this could be a turning point for the Pats in which they give Caserio the official GM title in order to hang on to him.

If the Texans cannot get Caserio in for an interview, Rapoport wouldn’t be surprised if they turn their attention to Monti Ossenfort, who runs college scouting for the Patriots.

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7 comments on “Patriots Want To Keep Nick Caserio

  1. itslonelyatthetrop

    When the Patriots name someone who will solely carry out the duties of General Manager- it will be Nick Caserio. He knows that. He’s waiting for that day. And it will happen.

  2. Billy O’Brien just trying anything to keep his job. Will this be his third GM and how many play-off games has he won?

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