49ers’ Robbie Gould Mulling Holdout

When the 49ers convene for training camp later this month, kicker Robbie Gould might not be on hand, as Cam Inman of the Mercury News writes. Gould continues to push for a trade and offered no assurance that he’ll join his teammates if he doesn’t get his way in the next couple of weeks. 

I’m not going to commit to making any decision right now,” said Gould while at a celebrity golf tournament in Nevada.

The Gould/Niners saga has been going on for some time. For a while, the kicker pushed for a return to the Bears. The 49ers, however, did not blink, and subsequently hit him with the $5MM franchise tender. Gould continues to say that he will not sign the tender with the implication being that he will not be a happy camper in SF unless he is given a lucrative multi-year deal.

I don’t really have a plan right now,” Gould said. “Obvious there is a deadline and I don’t have to make any decisions anytime soon. … The deadline to sign a long-term contract is Monday, and the rest of that (potential holdout) is up to me.”

Gould’s other options consist of skipping training camp, waiting until Week 1 to start his $5MM deal, waiting as late as Week 10 to earn a prorated salary, or sitting out the entire season, a la Le’Veon Bell.

Publicly, the Niners continue to say that they are focused on hammering out a long-term deal for Gould.

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21 comments on “49ers’ Robbie Gould Mulling Holdout

  1. j27roenick

    Gould’s top option should be telling the 49ers that he’ll miss every single kick he takes in a 49ers uniform until they decide to trade him. I’m not sure what leverage the team would have if he threatens them with that.

    This is a kicker at the tail end of his career. The fact that SF’s roster played out in such a way that it actually made sense to use their franchise tag on a player like that is a sad state of affairs.

    He doesn’t want to play there. Period. Respond accordingly.

    • crosseyedlemon

      No team wants a player who will deliberately sabotage his teammates efforts. Of course Robbie could probably get himself traded if he goes to camp and sings “Sweet Home Chicago” often enough.

    • claude raymond

      Btw, in defending Gould, Roenick, you essentially insulted him. Ur basically saying to value an aging kicker enough to tag him is “a sad state of affairs”. If he wasn’t an aging kicker, and instead was an aging nonkicker then it wouldn’t be a sad state of affairs?

      • crosseyedlemon

        And nobody was calling it a sad state of affairs when the Ravens tagged kicker Justin Tucker after the 2016 season.

    • eaterofbirds

      Odo hope that was nothing but a sarcastic comment…he’ll never play in the NFL again if he shows that level of conduct.

    • Matthew Heywood

      Their are multiple cases to prove that not just any kicker will get the job done and just see the bears from last year or the bills and Scott Norwood as perfect examples of how wrong you are

  2. leprechaun

    He dosent threaten them about failure he just accidentally misses 3-4 xpt’s and about 5 out of 8 fg’s and the Niners will see things his way.
    Oh and by being cut he gets the 5mil

  3. jeremy

    What he bell now? He only hurting himself. 49ers don’t have to do anything. They can keep him for the full season if they wanted .

    • Rondon

      Not really. If Gould’s a no show, the niners would have to take whoever they can off the trash heap. They should just trade the guy now so they can have a kicker(s) in camp.

  4. Danthemilwfan

    I’m on Goulds side actually. Kickers miss a kick or two and suddenly they are cut mid season. He was even let go cause he started missing a bit. All kickers should not be subject to the franchise tag. The other franchise tags are big pay days. Kickers get a slight bump to stay where they don’t want to be

    • claude raymond

      $5 mil is a slight bump? ALL players can be dumped at anytime for poor performance. And his money would be guaranteed—if playing. So sit games out and DONT get paid?? Wow!

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