Bengals Seeking Offensive Line Help

Thinned by injuries and a recent retirement, the Bengals are on the lookout for offensive line help (link via team website). Duke Tobin, the club’s director of player personnel, says he’ll be keeping his ear to the street over the coming weeks.

We’ll have to find some. Some of the guys have to be able to play multiple positions,” Tobin said. “While they’re having to compete outside, they’ll also have to compete inside. We’re going to have to look and see. As we go through the cut-down process and look at the teams and have discussions, we’ll see what if anything we can add to the group and if we add nothing, somebody in that group has to bubble up.”

It has been a rough stretch for Cincinnati. First, the club lost first-round left tackle Jonah Williams for the year to a torn labrum. Then, veteran guard Clint Boling retired due to a series of issues. Initially, the plan was to halt Cordy Glenn‘s planned switch to the interior to fill in for Williams. Already, that wasn’t ideal. Now, they’re dangerously thin in the front five.

Previously, head coach Zac Taylor expressed confidence in his current unit and indicated that they would find the help they needed from within. Now, we know that the Bengals will be keeping an eye out for available O-Linemen.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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14 comments on “Bengals Seeking Offensive Line Help

  1. Boston2AZ

    If the woman in the picture you chose for this article is playing on the Bengals offensive line, then I would agree with you – they DEFINITELY need some help.

  2. processtrustee

    Swing tackle big V could be had from the eagles after they picked a tackle in round one.

  3. bostonbob

    My take is if that cheerleader is the pic of franchise, the whole team has issues

    • Polish Hammer

      The whole team does have issues, usually criminal in nature. They need legal aid as much as o-line help.

      • joeshmoe11

        How many dust bunnies were on that 10 year old joke you brought out of the attic? Only the freshest material from this guy!!

  4. goldenmisfit

    Let me see if I got this right, you wait until the start of camp to realize you need help on the offense of line. Last year your quarterback running for their lives was not a tip off but Bengals fans believed Jones was the issue.

    • dmarcus15

      They are going to wait until cuts and scrap a line together you got to love this if your the QB and RB

    • joeshmoe11

      considering they basically just lost 2 starters within the past few weeks I would say they deserve a pass. Good Lord I know it’s gut reaction to hammer them but try reading or being subjective

      • Polish Hammer

        And did they address any lack of depth during the draft or free agent period? You don’t wake up today and say I have holes, you build depth.

        • joeshmoe11

          They drafted Jonah Williams and Michael Jordan and signed John Jerry and John Miller. Wow this isn’t difficult. Depth gets depleted when right before camp one starter gets lost for the year with an injury and another retires sure to repeated injuries.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    Richie Incognito was brought out of retirement and Ereck Flowers is still active so that should give you an idea of how many rocks the Bengals will have to kick over to find anything of quality for their OL.

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