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There has been no change in the Chris Jones situation in recent weeks, a source tells Terez Paylor of Yahoo Sports (on Twitter). It doesn’t sound like a new deal is on the horizon for the defensive tackle, though he’ll have to report to camp by Aug. 6 to receive an accrued season toward free agency.

Jones skipped the team’s mandatory minicamp, subjecting him to roughly $90K in fines. From here, Jones doesn’t have a ton of options, though he’s made it clear that he wants a bump from his current deal. For now, he’s slated to earn a $1.2MM base salary with a paltry $1.3MM cap hit.

Following his stellar 2018 season, the 25-year-old should end up seeing a sizable pay raise. Jones enjoyed a breakout campaign, finishing with a career-high 40 tackles and 15.5 sacks. Pro Football Focus ultimately ranked him fifth among 112 interior defenders, with his pass-rushing score ranking second at the position.

With Dee Ford out of the picture, the Chiefs need Jones more than ever. In a perfect world, they’d lock him up immediately, but a long-term pact for the rising star won’t be cheap.

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7 comments on “Latest On Chiefs, Chris Jones

  1. Ironman_4life

    Even as a Chiefs fan i hate it. How are you a “ team player” by missing mandatory workouts while your teammates sweat like hogs in 90 degree heat.

    • JJB0811

      Since the Falcons DT just got $14m a season, I think his stance of being paid $1.2m is BS; makes sense on his side.

      • lautrec

        Seriously I agree. The NFL should do away with contracts and just let the players dictate how much they want and when they want it. If someone performs well, that should automatically negate their signed obligation to the team that paid them for the agreed amount and they should get paid what the player thinks is fair and most importantly what the court of public opinion thinks is fair.

      • Ironman_4life

        I understand this. From a legal standpoint he signed a deal. Honor the contract. Yes i understand the concept. Mahomes made 500k last year. Jimmy G made 24 million. Its just the way it works.

      • JJB0811

        The only solution I see is players signing shorter contracts. 1-3 years give or take. But the players (or most likely their agents) demand long term deals which are ancient history, salary-wise, in 2 years.

        The FA contracts singed in 2016 are now nothing more than top 20 of their position. As an example.

        • Ironman_4life

          I always liked the franchise tag. To me 18 -19 million to play another year where you have been for 4 years is a good thing.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    You know the off season has dragged on too long when they start reporting “there has been no change in the situation”.

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