Patriots, Tom Brady Not Close On Extension

Tom Brady has never played into a contract year, but coming into his 20th NFL training camp, the Patriots legend remains attached to his through-2019 deal. That may be the case for a bit.

The Patriots and their soon-to-be 42-year-old quarterback do not appear to be on the verge of an extension, Tom Pelissero of notes (video link). Brady’s cap number sits at $27MM — the league’s fourth-highest 2019 figure.

This news probably shouldn’t be too alarming, as it is not like the six-time Super Bowl champion is a realistic 2020 free agent. Brady and the Patriots have made a habit of late-summer re-ups. Two of Brady’s five previous extensions have been agreed to after training camp began, with 2010’s four-year, $72MM deal coming on the eve of that Patriots season opener. Brady’s first extension — a four-year, $28MM pact — was agreed to in late August of 2002.

Robert Kraft said earlier this year he would like another Brady extension to come to pass, and given the Patriots’ lack of a true successor on the roster, they certainly appear to be planning for at least a 21st Brady season. Brady has long said he would like to play into his mid-40s.

The incentive package the Patriots and Brady agreed to in 2018 does not affect the timing of another extension. Since that agreement did not change Brady’s cap number, the sides do not have to wait a year to finalize a new deal.

The Patriots have built their 2019 roster with Brady’s $27MM included; the team has just more than $6MM in cap space. A Brady deal would stand to increase the latter figure and potentially help the defending champs add pieces to their roster before the season begins. Rob Gronkowski unretirement rumors have started to gain steam; a Brady extension would help clear a path toward that reality.

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12 comments on “Patriots, Tom Brady Not Close On Extension

  1. MileHighFan

    Brady has likely been getting his money from Kraft under the table anyway. Don’t think so? You know how many other quarterbacks have ever cut their team a salary deal in order to leave some money on the table to sign other players? Zero. Bubkes. Nada. Zippo. Thus you shouldn’t believe it ever happened here either.

    • eaterofbirds

      I’ve actually said this in the past in discussion about why he takes less. I get it…you cant win without some level of distribution plan to keep the payroll managed.

      I really think Kraft was so enamored with this kid, there was a handshake deal midcareer that ensured he’d be taken care of for his ‘service’ and to helping Kraft reap the benefits in his own investment in the team. Mine just comes from a less salty side of the discussion, but I really believe there just has to be a way he circumvented the cap to keep everything working. Why wouldn’t he? Could be just a trust fund that’s just been gaining interest for 20 years. It just sits there for when he retires in some sort of transfer status, like a retirement account. I just can’t see Brady being this determined to play every year being as undervalued by the team salary wise as he has been, without some level of compensation down the road.

    • RedSox Fan

      Broncos are a wear, jealous team, lucky to win 5 games, quit trying to be the Patriots.

  2. sportsfan101

    salty fans whose teams have inferior quarterbacks and haven’t won’t 6 super bowl rings, such a shame to hate a player like Brady bc he’s the best and wins. I’m a Red Sox fan, yet Derek jeter is one of my all time favorite players bc I’m a fan of the sport and realize true greatness instead of being a sour fan like every non patriot fan out there. How Simply pathetic you all are!

    • Itrainsontuesday

      Brady is a great QB, possibly the best of all time, but the multiple accounts of the Patriots being caught cheating does sour some people on his accomplishments.

  3. thatsright

    Brady salary all these years. Ridiculously low.
    Result: more money to be spent on support: Incredibly wise.
    Lesson to all.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Tom Brady won’t be a free agent? Sounds like one of those amazing revelations that Mike Florio usually provides.

  5. DarkSide830

    who cares. he’ll be back in New England or retired regardless. becoming a free agent is irrelevant here.

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