Poll: Which 2018 Playoff Team Will Miss The Postseason?

It happens every year. A handful of top-tier teams will inevitably miss the playoffs. In 2018, a staggering seven teams who made the postseason in 2017 missed it the following season. So which of the 2018 playoff squads will underperform and miss the tournament in 2019?

The Patriots, the reigning Super Bowl champions, haven’t missed the postseason since 2008, when Tom Brady missed most of the season with an injury. The team has also produced double-digit wins in every campaign since 2002. Though they seem like a lock to extend that streak, the aforementioned Brady isn’t getting any younger, Rob Gronkowski retired following 2018 and the team’s defensive coaching staff is being headed by head coach Bill Belichick after the departure of Brian Flores to Miami and a deal with Greg Schiano fell through. Though the AFC East is perennially one of the worst in football, the Bills, Dolphins and Jets all have young quarterbacks who could take the next step and challenge New England in 2019. 

The Ravens surprised in 2018, using an opportunistic defense and an unorthodox rookie signal-caller in Lamar Jackson to roll to a 10-6 record and a spot in the postseason. With an offseason to build the offense around its young quarterback, the Ravens could take another step in 2019. Or they could take a step back as opposing defenses catch onto the team’s run-heavy schemes. The Steelers are also due for a bounce back and the Browns have overhauled their roster in recent years to make a push not only for the playoffs, but for a Super Bowl run.

The Texans, the AFC South division champions, and the Colts, a Wild Card squad, have squads loaded with young talent. Houston boasts a loaded offense behind Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins, and a strong defensive unit led by J.J. Watt. The Colts caught fire down the stretch, winning nine of their final 10 games to advance to the postseason. The team also fields the reigning Comeback Player of the Year (Andrew Luck) and Defensive Rookie of the Year (Darius Leonard). Though both teams should be strong again in 2019, only one can win the division, leaving the other to compete for one of the two Wild Card spots.

A pair of Super Bowl favorites, the Chiefs and Chargers both won 12 games in 2018 and are stacked with talent to inflate that number in 2019. Though the field the league’s MVP in Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs have had a tumultuous last few months that has seen the departure of running back Kareem Hunt and legal troubles for Tyreek Hill. Though stacked on both sides of the ball, the Chargers have posted just one double-digit win season since 2009. Again, only one squad can win the division.

In the NFC, both the Cowboys and Eagles appear to be the class of the East, with solid quarterbacks in Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott leading the charge. Both squads field excellent defenses and have plenty of talent at the skill positions. The question in Philly, however, is if Wentz can stay healthy. An MVP candidate when on the field, Wentz has missed eight regular season games and every postseason outing in the last two seasons. Though a strong unit in 2018, the Cowboys defensive front is not a deep one after Demarcus Lawrence and could be the weak link in 2019.

The Bears improved from a 5-11 squad in 2017 to a 12-win team in 2018. With a young quarterback at the helm and a loaded defense, Chicago is in good position for another division crown. However, how much will the team miss defensive coordinator Vic Fangio? The new Broncos head coach oversaw a unit that allowed the fewest points and third-fewest yards in the NFL. Chicago also plays in a strong division that features a Vikings squad poised to bounce back and an Aaron Rodgers-led Packers team.

In 2017, the NFC South placed three teams in the playoffs. In 2018, only the Saints escaped the tough division. Atlanta and Carolina look ready to challenge for a postseason berth and a Bruce Arians-led Bucs squad could surprise. New Orleans is sure to be a Super Bowl favorite, but a tough division could see them underperform a hair and miss the tournament.

The NFC representatives in Super Bowl LIII, the Rams are still led by Sean McVay, a high-powered offense and a stout defensive front. The question with Los Angeles is an easy one, however, how will Todd Gurley fare in 2019? The NFL leader in touchdowns in each of the past two season, Gurley was a non-factor in the postseason and his health is a mystery. The Seahawks returned to the postseason following a one-year hiatus but can they do it again in 2019? The teams has to replace Russell Wilson‘s top target in Doug Baldwin, who retired in the offseason. How quickly DK Metcalf assimilates into that offense could determine Seattle’s postseason fate.

If you had to plant your flag on one of these teams missing the 2019 playoffs, which one would it be? Vote in the poll and give us your reasoning in the comments.

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42 comments on “Poll: Which 2018 Playoff Team Will Miss The Postseason?

  1. sportsfan101

    The fact Anyone truly things the bills jets or dolphins stand a chance at beating the pats for the afc east is on some good damn drugs none of them compare close to the patriots on talent, the goat vs young unproven qbs’s Hahahah what a joke.

  2. DarkSide830

    Ravens probably. they overashieved last year, and are in a division that should be a bit more tough next year.

  3. GMB 883

    Definitely not the Patriots. Madman must be a hater. The Pats defense will be a lot better than last year with the players they added on the DL, LB and the young and experienced DB’s (great mix). Add that to another talented RB drafted in the 3rd round (Harris) to go along with Sony Michel and the big 6-3 WR drafted in round 1 (N’Keal Harry) with Edelman, Ben Watson, Phillip Dorset and eventually Josh Gordon and how will the Patriots miss the playoffs? It would only happen if they have major injuries to Brady and other key players. Last time I looked Vegas had the Patriots as the favorites. It would be hard to repeat but not making it to the dance is not a realistic expectation. Way too funny. Must be your hot take for the day. Lol

    • DarkSide830

      the fact that you are reacting to a “hater” comment usually doesnt help the issue

    • kaehlaone

      Ravens and Texans seem most likely although I don’t buy the Cowboys myself

      • Tha Dilla
        Tha Dilla

        With Witten and Fredrick returning to the offense i can see the cowboys doing better than last season.

      • I voted Texans as they seem a bit thin overall as as too dependent on their young QB Deshaun Watson. The Ravens almost took my vote. I’m not buying into the college power sweep QB keep offense they showed in the playoffs. Too gimmicky, too much risk of injury. Not that they have any choice: Jackson doesn’t look ready to be an NFL pocket passer any time soon. At least they’ll be fun to watch, another season of Joe Flacco and 1970’s mediocre NFL football would be hard to take.

        The Cowboys profited from the Redskins collapse last year. They didn’t look very strong in many of their outings. This may be peak Cowboys for a few years though, with Prescott, Cooper and Elliott all back on offense before contract years. If Wentz doesn’t go down with injury, the Cowboys will struggle to repeat as division winners. Prescott’s arm still hasn’t persuaded me, although he is certainly a mean goal line run threat.

        The Redskins won’t win anything in 2019 but could be 8-8 or 9-7 spoilers for the Cowboys, pushing them out of wildcard contention.

  4. sascoach2003

    Saints, possibly. Their defense still isn’t great, and unless they find another receiver to pair with Thomas, they’re average.

  5. Louie Proudpoppa

    Patriots . They can only cheat so long before it catches up to them

    • PeterDipersio

      Well if your teams the Jets and Giants knew how to cheat, they would both be 5 time super bowl champs by now!

      • burrdeuces

        Trubisky and defensive regression. While the defense still has the potential to be elite, it’s hard to believe they repeat as one of the top defenses the league has seen in quite some time. Simple regression to the mean, coach. They have Jaguars 2018 written all over them

        • Matt M

          You might not like Mitch and that’s fine but your delusional if you don’t think hes twice the player and especially leader that Bortles was/is. Ask Arob. Also yes they will suffer from some defensive regression but the Defense is significantly more talented than the Jags ever were

    • leprechaun

      Your dreaming they have a top 5 talented roster according to almost every football site. The Packers already have problems between Rodgers and LaFluer. The Vikings are stuck with Cousins who stinks and the lions just plain suck.
      Don’t say the defense will miss Fangio to much because Pagano isn’t a slouch. At the end of the day if they avoid injuries like any other team they will go at worst 10-6 or 11-5

      • Maybe no one from the NFC Central will make the playoffs, all the teams are so bad again. Chicago might be good if Trubisky shows his good side. He’s just so damn awful some weeks though.

        • leprechaun

          Alec wake up every Division winner makes the playoffs. Also if you think the Bears are bad your smoking some good crack

        • ryan12hawkfan

          NFC central?! You’re right, nobody for that division will make the playoffs because it doesn’t even exist.

      • ortsacnilrats

        I am a Bears fan so I know you never bet on them. I could see them going 10-6 or 4-12.

  6. df08988

    Chiefs. The losses of Hill and Hunt can’t be overlooked. Also, as division winners, they have the harder schedule than the Chargers this year. Bolts win the division and Chiefs get edged out of second wild card on a tie breaker because Andy Reid butchered the clock and lost a winnable game.

    • KCChiefs3485

      The loss of Hunt will be just fine as it was last year as well. The Chiefs also didn’t “lose” Hill and likely will only be without him for 2 games.

      Chargers are always the sexy pick but they always end up swimming in mediocrity.

  7. crosseyedlemon

    Seahawks. They are a very mediocre team that had the good fortune to be in a division with the 49ers and Cardinals who combined had a -37 turnover ratio.

    • crosseyedlemon

      The team is something of an enigma. In 2017 they had a league best +17 turnover ratio but missed the playoffs while last season they made the playoffs with a -3 TR. If they can lead the league in time of possession again this season they probably have a chance.

      • mgrap84

        Believe me i hope im wrong but i just don’t like what i see from Lamars passing game still. A run heavy offense is not going to get the job done. They are going to stack the box and force him to throw. Our defense took some hits and while i like the moves we made, i dont think it was enough to fill the void, especially at linebacker but like i said i hope im wrong

    • bradthebluefish

      AFC North is going to be awfully competitive. When it comes to winning the division, it’s going to come down to a few head-to-head games for the Browns, Ravens, and Steelers. I can see them all going 9-7 or 10-6.

      • mgrap84

        Yea i think this is possibly the best division this year with the Browns finally competitive. It will be fun to watch that’s for sure

  8. brucewayne

    I think the Seahawks will miss the playoffs this year! They have lost key personnel

  9. bradthebluefish

    Eagles. They keep getting worse after their Super Bowl win. Also, no guarantees that Carson Wentz stays healthy. I’m betting he’s out for 2 games this season.

  10. mgrap84

    This is an easy one for me… Ravens. Im a Ravens fan and was excited when we got Lamar but after last year and what I’ve seen thus far from him this year, he still has a lot of work to do with his throwing. You are not going to win a SB with just running unless you have a defense that can completely shut down offenses which we can’t do. We still have holes on defense. I think we might finish 8-8 but still think Steelers and possibly the Browns will take the division.

  11. Matt M

    You might not like Mitch and that’s fine but your delusional if you don’t think hes twice the player and especially leader that Bortles was/is. Ask Arob. Also yes they will suffer from some defensive regression but the Defense is significantly more talented than the Jags ever were

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