Redskins’ Trent Williams Won’t Report

Redskins left tackle Trent Williams is not expected to report to training camp with the rest of his teammates this week, sources tell Mike Garafolo and Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter). Williams did not report for minicamp in June, so this does not come as a total surprise. 

Williams is dissatisfied with the Redskins’ handling of his medical situation, but he’s also seeking a new contract that pays him as a top player at his position. He continues to be a top performer, though he still has two years to go on his deal and his recently injury trouble may be a concern to the team.

The Redskins extended Williams in 2015 with a five-year, $66MM deal that made him the NFL’s highest-paid tackle. From a AAV standpoint, his contract has not been significantly diminished by recent tackle deals. The 31-year-old still sits seventh among tackles at $13.2MM per year, and $24MM remains on the contract. However, the contract the Raiders gave Trent Brown did change the marketplace a bit. The $16.5MM-AAV pact for a non-Pro Bowler was eye-opening, but the Raiders had plenty of cap space and spent it wildly this offseason.

Redskins president Bruce Allen addressed the situation but declined to go into detail. The longtime Washington executive did say he has spoken with Williams a few times this year.

I know what Trent told me so I know what the truth is,” Allen said earlier this year. “I’ll leave my conversation with Trent between the two of us. Trent has been a valuable player for us and that’s why we signed him to the contract he has.”

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10 comments on “Redskins’ Trent Williams Won’t Report

      • JJB0811

        What leverage? He’ll be fined for missing camp & still play on the same contract.

        • bencole

          If that’s true than it doesn’t work. But if he can force them to pay him more by holding out good for him

  1. MileHighFan

    “He continues to be a top performer…”

    What rock have you been living under for the last two years? The guy has barely played and when he did he graded out poorly. The latter may have been somewhat injury-related, but getting beat on a pass rush is still getting beat on a pass rush. The Redskins are paper thin at that position – otherwise Williams would be overestimating his worth.

  2. SlingingSammyBaugh

    This is why the NFL is losing fans. These guys sign contracts and decide later that the contract is no longer in their favor. So they pout. And they whine. And they turn off fans to what was once a great game.

    • crosseyedlemon

      So your saying it’s perfectly fine for fans sitting comfortably in front of a keyboard to pout and whine but it’s shameful for players who risk serious injury or CTE to do the same? Let’s try to keep the hypocrisy within reason.

      • SlingingSammyBaugh

        Exactly. So I used to go to games regularly and then the value declined versus what I was paying for the overall experience. So I am another fan that is saying I have had enough of over paying for a bunch of low life’s who think they are better than what they are and are causing the price structure of the NFL to force fans to walk.

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