Brian Flores Talks Dolphins’ QB Competition

Ryan Fitzpatrick will start the Dolphins’ third preseason game against the Jaguars, which to some, may be odd given the team is in the rebuilding stages rather than pretending to be a contender. Reports out of Miami’s camp have indicated that both neither Fitzpatrick or Josh Rosen has proven to be head-and-shoulders above the other.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald was among the reporters to ask coach Brian Flores why the team wouldn’t go with Rosen if the two quarterbacks are close in competition.

“A case could be made [for] playing the older guy,” Flores said. “A case could also be made that the younger guy is not ready. I understand that thought process, but I’m the one dealing with the individual player, and sometimes guys just aren’t ready.

“The whole sink-or-swim mentality, it’s easy for somebody on the outside to say. But for that individual player and the best interests of that individual person, that might not be the case. For those who aren’t in the trenches and dealing with the day to day, they wouldn’t understand that. If a guy is ready, we’ll put him out there. If he’s not, we won’t put him out there. I think that’s the right way to approach it.”

Fitzpatrick has received the majority of first-team snaps this week, if not all of them, Jackson writes. Rosen may or may not see time with the first-string on Thursday. Flores said that the team’s third preseason game will not be the only factor in the decision of who will start come week 1.

Rosen said he doesn’t have any more insight on where he stands than the public does, Jackson relays. The former first-round pick said he’s not focusing on the competition but rather, he’s zeroing in on individual improvement.

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12 comments on “Brian Flores Talks Dolphins’ QB Competition

  1. ziggy13

    Honestly I get it. Give Rosen time to get comfortable with the system before just throwing him to the wolves like what happened in AZ

    • crosseyedlemon

      The only meaningful learning tool is game experience. You can watch film, go to meetings and be a clipboard holder but none of those things can help you develop as much as being on the field under actual game conditions (even if the wolves maul you).

        • bradthebluefish

          The kid had staff firings all around him and a team that couldn’t produce a play because of an awful o-line and awful coaching. Rosen wasn’t awful, it was just under performing from all over.

  2. jorge78

    So the guy doesn’t start, so
    what? As long as he gets
    in the game.
    Let’s see what he does…..

  3. Dorothy_Mantooth

    If the Dolphins finish in the bottom 2 or 3 this season, it’s all but guaranteed they will draft another QB. I don’t think they can tank 2 years in a row just to get a shot at the Clemson kid (who is not eligible for the draft next year). They will definitely draft Tua or the kid from Oregon if they finish in the bottom 2…which looks pretty reasonable based on their roster.

  4. Jack0207

    Rosen will get his chance soon enough. Fitzpatrick will have a good game then a bad game. During bad game, insert Rosen. Fitzpatrick will never start again for the Dolphins

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