Patriots’ Patrick Chung Indicted For Felony Cocaine Possession

Patriots safety Patrick Chung was indicted for felony cocaine possession on August 8, according to Ben Volin of The Boston Globe (on Twitter). It’s a shocking development for the Patriots’ long-time defender, who just inked a contract extension with the club this offseason.

“We are aware of the reports regarding Patrick Chung. We will not be commenting while his judicial proceedings take place,” the Patriots said in a statement (Twitter feed).

Under the terms of his new deal, Chung is under contract through the 2021 season. The 31-year-old was set to keep a level of stability on a Patriots defense that has undergone several changes since they won the Super Bowl in February. Gone are several coaches, including defensive coordinator Brian Flores, who took the head coaching gig with the Dolphins shortly after the victory over the Rams.

Chung suffered a broken forearm in the Super Bowl and underwent offseason surgery to repair it. He has not played thus far in the preseason. Now, he could be subject to a suspension in 2019, though the league might not act swiftly enough to keep him off of the field for Week 1, assuming he is healthy enough to take the field.

Chung is scheduled to be arraigned on a charge of cocaine possession on Wednesday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweets. According to Volin (Twitter link), if Chung’s case goes to trial, the target date for jury selection is next March.

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44 comments on “Patriots’ Patrick Chung Indicted For Felony Cocaine Possession

    • fieldsj2

      Most if not all NFL contracts have personal conduct clauses in them. He could very well end up released and owing the Pats money from his signing bonus.

    • frustratedpittsburghpiratesfan

      I am sure it wasn’t him. It was planted on him you know. He will be on the field opening day as if nothing ever happen. Let the good times roll in New England!

      • shawnybig

        It very well may not be his , The cocaine was not on him it was at his summer home police respondedto an alarm at the home and a small amount of cocaine was in the home, The next scheduled court day is March so the NFL can Not take action till the case is concluded

  1. jeb39999

    Cocaine is God’s way of telling you you are making too much money – Robin Williams

    • connfyoozed

      I asked a Peruvian Indian chief, “Chief, what’s cocaine?”
      He said, “Cocaine… it’s our little gift to the white man for what you did to us. You take our land, we give you monkey for your back!”
      — also Robin Williams

      • madmanTX

        I think “cheat to win” is the Patsies team motto, but you already knew that.

          • phillyballers

            I think lock interns in a room for 3 weeks to find new loopholes to exploit is the Patriot way.

        • BloodySox

          Delusional is apparently your way. Loopholes aren’t cheating, your team just lacks creativity.

        • frustratedpittsburghpiratesfan

          Yep!! I am sure it wasn’t him. As he was in church or donating his time to charity. At the very least the cops planted the cocaine on him. He shall be called.. Teflon Patrick a New England Patriot

          • shawnybig

            The cocaine was not on him , It was found in his summer home by police responding to a burglar alarm.

    • pt_nj

      Haters gonna hate – and Pats fans just enjoy the six super bowl wins….booyah!

  2. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    Between the murders and the drug rings, no wonder Pats fans whine about Deflategate.

    It’s so trivial compared to the usual crimes the team is involved in…

  3. Dorothy_Mantooth

    Patrick, you are supposed to stay within the lines and not snort them….


  4. Dorothy_Mantooth

    I’m willing to bet that he was just holding it for a friend..or was wearing someone else’s pants and he didn’t know it was in there.

  5. pt_nj

    Haters gonna hate – and Pats fans just enjoy the six super bowl wins….booyah!

  6. tiredolddude

    Steelers Dynasty fan here. We had Fats Holmes shooting at cars on the Ohio Turnpike. You’ve got this story. Life gets in the way sometimes, but the Patriots are still a modern dynasty that does things right

    • frustratedpittsburghpiratesfan

      Especially Robert Kraft. He gets it done.. in a massage parlor.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      No, the Pats cheated their way to the top just like the Steroid Curtain.

      • tiredolddude

        Cheated, eh? Sorry, while I enjoy your baseball insights, you’re confused here

  7. Dorothy_Mantooth

    So more news has come out on this. Apparently, Police responded to an alarm going off at Chung’s house up in the Lakes Region of NH. No one was home but the door was open so they went in to check out the property and found cocaine sitting out in the open. So it doesn’t sound like Chung had coke on his person; but it was in his house instead.

    Hire the right lawyer and this goes away, unless the quantity is too large; then intent to distribute could come into play and that would be really bad to Chung’s case. But if these facts are true, there is a ton of wiggle room here for him to come out unscathed and un-suspended too.

  8. crosseyedlemon

    I guess the good news is that he doesn’t have any complaints about his helmet.

  9. rkmarx

    This is hilarious. All of the Jets and Steelers fans on here have actually convinced themselves that this is somehow the team cheating, and that the Pats somehow gain some kind of advantage from this. I feel sad for people like that.

    • Polish Hammer

      Well, a defensive player flying high on coke is some kind of advantage. He’ll, LT was a great player but when he was high he was an unstoppable player.

    • burtgummer

      And it’s even funnier when both teams have been busted more for cheating

  10. crazylarry

    No problem Tom will have him deflate those charges and If that doesn’t work Kraft will help him have one rubbed out.

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