Panthers’ Cam Newton Unlikely To Play Vs. Cardinals

The Panthers are unlikely to have Cam Newton in uniform when they face the Cardinals on Sunday, Ian Rapoport of tweets. If Newton is sidelined, the Panthers will turn to Kyle Allen as their starter. 

Newton’s foot sprain recovery has come along much slower than expected and his outlook for the rest of the season is murky, at best. Through two games, it’s clear that Newton is playing at far below 100% strength – he has yet to score a touchdown via the air or ground, and he completed just 49% of his passes in a rough outing against the Bucs last week.

The Panthers are hoping for an inverse of their 2018 season, which saw a strong beginning and a bumpy finish. After a 6-2 start, they went 1-7 as Newton battled a shoulder issue. That achey shoulder ultimately landed Newton on the bench for the final two games of the campaign.

After the Cardinals, the 0-2 Panthers will face the Texans and Jaguars in Weeks 4 and 5.

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7 comments on “Panthers’ Cam Newton Unlikely To Play Vs. Cardinals

  1. d0msuperb

    If the dude cannot threaten with him legs and speed, he loses his capacity to be a weapon.
    He must sit.

  2. MileHighFan

    All that big money going to quarterbacks is removing their desire to play the game. Cam Newton checked out a couple of years ago, as did Ben Roethlisberger. The same thing is now starting to affect Aaron Rodgers.

    • There’s perhaps some truth in this and not only among quarterbacks. Still you go through enough of those seasons with lots of hard sacks and your perspective changes on football. If they were living week to week though their hunger would be higher that’s true.

      There should probably be a salary cap in the NFL on a per position basis to reinstate some kind of home team loyalty and to make sure the money gets spread more fairly.

      Something has to be done about the long guaranteed contracts (three, four years) as those suck desire to play out and cripple a team whose star loses his luster or is injured. With those huge guaranteed contracts affecting salary cap so radically, NFL is starting to resemble more a dice game than competitive sport.

  3. hoosierhysteria

    Accuracy…Newton doesn’t have it. Panthers need to go find QB of the future….if they want to win.

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