2019 NFL Cap Space, By Team

With eight days to go before the 2019 trade deadline, here’s a look at the cap space possessed by each team, via ESPN.com’s Field Yates (on Twitter):

1. Colts: $43.5M
2. Browns: $32.9M
3. Dolphins: $28M
4. Bills: $24.7M
5. Cowboys: $24M
6. Titans: $23.7
7. Chiefs: $23.1M
8. Raiders: $22.4M
9. Eagles: $22.2M
10. Texans: $21.6M
11. Lions: $18.9M
12. Bears: $17M
13. 49ers: $14.4M
14. Panthers: $14.2M
15. Bengals: $13.6M
16. Redskins: $13.5M
17. Jaguars: $10.3M
18. Broncos: $10M
19. Packers: $9.5M
20. Seahawks: $7.8M
21. Buccaneers: $6.5M
22. Jets: $6.1M
23. Rams: $4.6M
24. Cardinals: $4.1M
25. Chargers: $4.1M
26. Steelers: $3.4M
27. Patriots: $2.5M
28. Giants: $2.2M
29. Ravens: $2.1M
30. Saints: $1.9M
31. Falcons: $1.7M
32. Vikings: $623K

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22 comments on “2019 NFL Cap Space, By Team

  1. JJB0811

    Yet all 32 teams will easily sign new FA’s, cut players, and sign all of their draft class; yawn.

      • JJB0811

        You won’t see the bottom 16 teams standing still this season and offseason because of ‘cap room’. Never happens.

        • crosseyedlemon

          The focus of the next CBA should be the so called cap rather than idiotic 17 game schedules. I agree with you that the cap is even softer than Sponge Bob with plenty of ways to work around the number.

  2. Thronson5

    Is there a way to see how much cap space a team will have next year without taking in to consideration that the salary cap will raise some? Also, if they go to 17 games I am hearing it’ll go up even more with would be nice.

    • Polish Hammer

      The 17 games only means their yearly salary but be cut up into 17 paychecks instead 16, it shouldn’t have any bearing on the total salary and/or salary cap.

      • vtncsc

        I’m sure they’ll pad a bit to the salary cap for another game. Injuries, etc.

      • jessethegreat

        You can guarantee the players don’t accept a 17th game without adding at minimum another 1/16th to the cap. If it’s $160M now, that would be another $10M next year. But by adding a 17th game, rosters will have to expand, and caps would rise again to account for the extra players.

    • bush5104

      @Thronson can’t help but read your post with a stuttering accent. Lol. I’m dead.

  3. Bdd1967

    If they do in fact go to 17 games…I wonder if they’ll cut preseason down to 2 games and give all teams a 2nd bye week during the season.

    • vtncsc

      Last I heard, that’s what they were discussing. 2 preseasons and an extra bye.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    I imagine the Dolphins could get themselves a pretty good pet detective for $28M.

  5. JoeBrady

    I’m not as familiar with the FB caps as I am with BB. is it possible for one of the teams with large cap space, like the Raiders, to trade for a bad contract, in order to obtain a draft pick or another good young player?

    Let’s say the Vikings wanted to trade for a player with a $10M cap. If they already have Joe Brady making $10M for doing nothing, could they make a three-way trade where they get the $10M they want, while dumping Joe Brady & a #3 on the Raiders?

  6. Perksy

    Amazing how a young somewhat rebuilding team like the giants have only $2m in cap space. I guess that’s from all the wasted money on bad players over the years will do. Beckham and Eli should be off the books after the season. I’m hoping they trade Jenkins, Solder, and whom ever else.

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