Adam Thielen To Miss Time?

The Vikings picked up another big win Sunday, toppling the Lions in Detroit and moving to 5-2 on the year. It wasn’t all positive for Minnesota however, as they picked up a key injury.

Star receiver Adam Thielen left the game with a pulled hamstring injury and was unable to return. But, on Monday afternoon, he received good news on that front: He’s unlikely to face the Redskins on Thursday night, but there’s optimism that he won’t miss much time, as’s Tom Pelissero tweets. That’s a step up from Sunday night’s word – the team was concerned that he’s would be not “day to day, but week to week,” a source told Mike Florio of (Twitter link).

Hamstrings can be tricky, so the Vikes hope they will not be without their top option for multiple games. Florio also adds that Thielen will have an MRI tomorrow to determine the severity. The offense started the year slowly as the Vikings limped to a 2-2 record, with Thielen publicly calling out quarterback Kirk Cousins and Cousins apologizing. Ever since then the unit has been on fire, and a large part of that is due to Thielen’s play.

It sounds like Thielen will rest up instead of suiting up on a short week. After that, he’ll try to build on what he’s been doing lately. Over the last three games, Thielen has four touchdowns to his credit.

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6 comments on “Adam Thielen To Miss Time?

  1. Wade Herbers

    ON the bright side it’s the Redskins so sit him for sure. Possibly Diggs can keep his mouth shut another week since he would get more looks then. And the Diggs can try and back up his mouth by not dropping a td pass again like he did today. Last week he had two terrible drops , one of which led to a INT. If your gonna talk big , play big. He looked great last week when the Eagles DB’s just let them run wild completely letting them go. Everson Griffith could have ran those routes and got those numbers if they just let him go too.

    • Crycket

      Hey look, a fool that believed the media-fueled Diggs rumors. Keep talking trash about Diggs like he has done anything himself to deserve it. BTW, where’s that imminent Diggs trade I was hearing the media push?

      • JD396

        If your position is that it’s all made up and Diggs didn’t say or do anything controversial a few weeks ago… I would avoid applying the term “fool” to others.

        • Crycket

          He expressed frustration with the offense and skipped a practice or two. Thielen also expressed frustration with the offense, as did the entire fan base. Any negative things to say about Thielen?

    • Gus Leggett

      Wade Herbers, I now know you have to be a Minnesota sports fan (as I am as well). Just saw a post of yours over on the NBA rumors as well. Either that, or you’re a hater of Minnesota sports, because you dogged Wiggins there (and rightfully so) and your dogging Diggs here. I will agree that DIggs has run his mouth a little too much to my liking, but it appears that since all that drama from a few weeks ago happened, he has been backing it up. Statistically, he is now the 8th best WR in the NFL after yesterday. 2 weeks ago he was the 31st. I think he is backing up what he is saying.

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