Cardinals Owner Bill Bidwill Passes Away

Sad news out of Arizona, as Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill has passed away at the age of 88, the team announced in a release.

Bidwill’s father originally bought the team in 1932, and Bidwill has been the sole owner since 1972. His son Michael Bidwill serves as the team’s president and runs the franchise day-to-day. “Our dad passed away today the same way he lived his life: peacefully, with grace, dignity and surrounded by family and loved ones,” Michael said in a statement. “We are overwhelmed by the support our family has received, not only now but throughout the latest chapter of his life. We are especially grateful to the nurses, doctors and other caregivers whose endless kindness and compassion in recent years have made our dad’s life so meaningful.”

Above all else, we will remember him as a man devoted to the three central pillars of his life – his immense faith, his love for his family and his life-long passion for the Cardinals and the sport of football.

The team also released a video tribute on Twitter, narrated by Larry Fitzgerald. Arizona’s release notes that Bidwill was an “early proponent of front office minority hiring in the NFL,” and that “in 2004, Bidwill promoted Rod Graves to General Manager and named Dennis Green head coach, making the Cardinals the first franchise with minorities in both posts at the same time.”

All of us at PFR send our thoughts and condolences to the Bidwill family.

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14 comments on “Cardinals Owner Bill Bidwill Passes Away

  1. JJB0811

    Can’t speak on behalf of him being a person, never met him. But he was awful as an owner just like his dad and son. 1932-2019 & only 1 SB appearance? The Bidwell’s certainly do have a lot of losing seasons.

      • JJB0811

        Its ok to make fun of him while alive, just not dead? I’m 46 and that franchise has been terrible and made fun of all my life, but now it’s ‘improper’?

        • GiantsX3

          Yes, it’s improper. Someone your age should have some amount of compassion and the slightest amount of intelligence to know better. Shame on you.

          • crosseyedlemon

            I’m wondering if JJ is a Browns fan. They showed the same lack of class when Art Modell passed away.

            • JJB0811

              Actually a Skins fan. I was sad when JKC passed, but I’ll throw a party when Dan dies.

          • JJB0811

            Sorry I don’t play the “make fun of a person/team for years then when he dies say ‘golly what a loss’.” game.

            For 87 years, the Bidwell’s haven’t done anything of importance for the league and I’m not going to start feeling sorry now.

            Willing to bet that organization has been the butt of jokes between you and your friends.

          • JJB0811

            At least I know the difference between capital & lower case letters.

            THIS DOES NOT INSULT OR BOTHER ME. Nor does this.

  2. crazylarry

    Like him or not when anyone passes, respect needs to be adhered to. Show a little class, at the end of the day someone’s loved one.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Agreed. In those cases where you have no respect for the deceased you should stay silent.

  3. lanceparrishporvida

    Yet no post about the death of the career of Cuba Gooding Jr.

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