Jaguars Not Considering Jalen Ramsey Offers

Trade rumors continue to swirl around Jalen Ramsey, but the Jaguars continue to tell teams that he is not available. The club has not considered trade offers for the Pro Bowler over the last week or so, according to Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter). 

[SOURCE: Jaguars Wouldn’t Trade Ramsey For Five First-Round Picks]

Meanwhile, Rapoport hears that Ramsey’s request still stands. That’s no real surprise – recently, owner Shad Khan tried to reignite contract talks with a willingness to give Ramsey a monster extension. Still, Ramsey says he’s unwilling to remain in Jacksonville.

Ramsey has been out of action since the club’s Thursday night contest against the Titans, citing an ongoing back issue and other ailments. On Monday morning, Ramsey will meet with a back specialist in Houston, per the Jaguars’ request.

Ramsey, one of the game’s very best corners, will turn 25 on October 24. The trade deadline is just days later, on Oct. 29.

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6 comments on “Jaguars Not Considering Jalen Ramsey Offers

  1. Ronk325

    If a team offers them 2 1st round picks for him they should take the offer and run. The Jags aren’t going to compete while Ramsey’s still there and he’s obviously not resigning with them after next year

    • echozulu88

      Probably but they can still “control” his rights after that with the tag. If he actually suits up then they might forgo the picks since there isn’t anyone really running away with the AFC South.

      • Ronk325

        Bell showed us last year that the franchise tag has no power anymore. Also the Colts and Texans are much better teams in the AFC South

  2. Regi Green

    Yea,he played 1 year on the tag,missed a years salary,and is now averaging less than 3yds a Carrie on a 0-4 Jets team.He had a limited market,and the Steelers could’ve actually tagged him again,but they chose not to.They have a reputation the Jaguars don’t have,so there’s no real guarantee Khan wouldn’t go stand in his way.He’s refusing to deal him,so he just might rather him sit,than let him sign elsewhere.

    With that being said,I think Khan might just be playing hardball,and seeing if anyone goes overboard with an offer between now and the deadline.If they end up getting just picks,it don’t matter if it’s now or then,and interested teams could have an extra loss or 2 on their record by then.

    • Polish Hammer

      If that’s the case they need to call his bluff on his pseudo injury/holdout. Have their doctors medically clear him and then start docking paychecks.

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