Jets’ Kelechi Osemele Undergoes Surgery

Even though the Jets have oddly listed Kelechi Osemele as doubtful for Week 8, the veteran guard has a clearer timetable now. Osemele followed through with the shoulder surgery he planned to have, Rich Cimini of tweets. He will certainly not be playing in Week 8 or for the foreseeable future.

Osemele and the Jets have been at odds over his injury, with the team taking the stance the offseason trade acquisition could play through this pain while Osemele has contended he could not. It’s certainly possible his Jets tenure will be capped at three games.

The Jets were rumored to be considering Alex Lewis to start over Osemele anyway, and the ex-Ravens guard will continue to man the team’s left guard spot. The Jets fined Osemele for not practicing last weekend, taking an unusual position on this matter — one the NFLPA will contest on Osemele’s behalf, if necessary. The Jets are expected to release the 30-year-old lineman in the offseason, doing so rather than having to pay his $11.35MM 2020 salary. None of that money is guaranteed.

The former All-Pro blocker has battled injuries over the past two years, and his camp indicates even with pain-killing assistance he could not play through this pain. The Jets’ stance may not be going over especially well with some of their roster, with Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News tweeting the team’s actions have raised eyebrows.

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12 comments on “Jets’ Kelechi Osemele Undergoes Surgery

  1. JJB0811

    What’s it really starting to boil down to is players are tired of playing for continually bad teams. They’re competitors and want to win. Jags, Skins, Cards, Bengals, Jets, Lions, Fins and a few more simply aren’t interested in winning on the field. When 20-30% of the teams simply don’t try, its killing the game.

    I live in Jacksonville and really thought Shad buying the Jags was a winner. To date under his leadership; they have 1 division title, 3 third place finishes, and 3 fourth place finishes. As a resident, I’m not paying to see that on the field. I agree with Ramsey wanting out.

      • JJB0811

        Same can be said for the other teams I listed!

        Jags GM started in 2013. Jockel 2nd pick, Bortles 3rd, Fowler 3rd, Ramsey 5th, Fournette 4th. Are all gone. We’ll see about Bryan & Allen. That’s about as ugly as drafting in the first round, let alone top 5 as one can have. Yet still employed!?!

        • imindless

          How so fowler, ramsey, fournette have all paned out? Allen also looks great. If anything my raiders under reggie mckenzie had one of the worst tenure to date.

          • JJB0811

            They didn’t pan out w/ the Jags. That’s my point, he can’t build a team yet stays employed. Caldwell has a lot of 4th place finishes attached to his resume.

    • I won’t argue about the Skins or Fins. The Bengals just aren’t talented but thats not for a lack of trying. The Jets are…well the Jets. But the Cards and Lions are definitely trying. Lions are trending upwards, and the trading of players probably has more to do with Patricia trying to get guys that fit with his system better while their record has more to do with being in arguably the toughest division the last 2-4 years. And Cards are a young, rebuilding team that seem to be trending in the right direction.

      And as a Jags fan I agree about Caldwell, and also think Coughlin needs to go, but as you mentioned they have 1 division title which is a lot more than the other teams you listed can say.

      The bigger point is that you can’t build a perennial playoff contender in just 2-3 years. Aside from the Lions, none of those teams have a definitive franchise QB on their roster. And thats the biggest problem. If you look at the best teams in the league they all have a franchise QB (with the Bears and Vikings maybe being the only exceptions). If it wasn’t obvious, its not easy to find one and the teams that don’t find a franchise QB are often stuck in a rut for years until they do.

  2. Julio Franco's Birth Certificate

    The NFLPA have so many things they need to fix in the next CBA.

    I have no allegiance or hatred toward the Jets, but this is a total clown move by that team, which is a clown franchise.

    Then, the NFL is fining players like Baker Mayfield (who I actually can’t stand), for pointing out that the NFL’s officiating is really bad, if not totally rigged like professional wrestling. Anyone can see that there are referees that are either totally incompetent, or being bribed by gambling interests. The NFL product is garbage.

    Good for this guy. Get well and get your clown team to pay for your rehab.

    • BertMacklin

      Refs are bad, but it’s still obviously against the rules to speak out in public like that. Rules are rules, I get tired of people whining about people being punished for breaking the rules when they know what they are. Just like OBJ, the substance of the rule is moot at this point.

      • JJB0811

        I read today that Tim Donaghy has made a movie about the bribes he took and other series that were thrown. Point being, these leagues can’t have open corruption going on and think it doesn’t have a negative effect.

        The NFL refuses to do anything about the refs and its pathetic. And coming from Goodell, who usually has a major court case against either a player or team almost every offseason. But won’t get quality refs?

  3. DarkSide830

    is this proof enough to everyone that he wasnt making it up and not just being a diva to be traded? cant anyone ever be given the benefit of the doubt anymore?

    • I’ve never heard of a professional sports team tell a contract player to play through pain. That’s just funny to me. Embarrassing for the Jets

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