Kyle Allen May Remain Panthers’ Starting QB

There is still no definitive word as to when Panthers QB Cam Newton, who is dealing with a Lisfranc injury in his left foot, might return to the field. The public has assumed that Newton will be back after the team’s bye next week, but Ian Rapoport of says that isn’t necessarily the case.

After all, Carolina has rattled off three straight wins with Newton’s backup, 23-year-old Kyle Allen, under center. Although Allen hasn’t been brilliant since his Week 3 performance against the Cardinals, he has been plenty good enough, and if the team should beat the Buccaneers in London today, it will be very difficult for the Panthers to switch right back to Newton.

Of course, no decision is going to be made before Newton is completely healthy. But a team source told Rapoport that, if the Panthers defeat the Bucs, Allen will remain the starter. If Tampa Bay wins, then that could pave the way for Newton to take his job back after the bye week.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports says that, regardless of the outcome of today’s contest over the pond, Allen will remain the starter for at least the Panthers’ Week 8 matchup against the 49ers, and perhaps for the club’s Week 9 game versus the Titans. If Carolina and/or Allen should falter over the next several weeks, and if Newton has made a full recovery, then it would not be difficult for head coach Ron Rivera to turn the reins back over to the former No. 1 overall pick. But if Allen and the Panthers continue to play well, the former UDFA might continue to hear his number called.

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7 comments on “Kyle Allen May Remain Panthers’ Starting QB

  1. BuckarooBanzai

    I seriously doubt this is anything but a fall back plan.

    Ignoring his salary, if Cam is healthy and has his wheels, his presence on the field has historically proven beneficial because opposing DCs have to plan for him.

    … unless the brilliant idea is to ride McCaffrey into a shortened career?

    tl/dr summary:
    slow news day

  2. JJB0811

    I think Cam has checked out from the game. He has plenty of money and opportunities now. No reason to keep getting the crap beat of him. He saw Luck walk and knows its fine to do.

  3. hoosierhysteria

    Cam is not accurate passer. Retire…go away. The new owner ain’t paying him. Who would??? He can go design hats.

  4. If Cam is fully healthy and is somewhere close to his pre-injuries form, there is no reason not to start him. A healthy Cam who can actually throw and at least be a running threat (even if he doesn’t run as much) would really make that offense dangerous considering all the weapons already running around. Yes Kyle Allen is 3-0 but its not like he’s been picking apart defenses (averaging 220ish passing yards per game). The offense seemingly hasn’t lost a beat, but that’s more because CMC is carrying the team moreso than Allen. Unless the plan is to run McCaffrey into the ground, Allen needs to significantly improve if the long term plan is to continue starting him.

  5. Hannibal8us

    Bottom line Cam is 0-8 in his last 8 games. Why wouldn’t you stay with the hot hand.

  6. dustyceltics

    Kyle Allen has been playing a whole lot better then Cam has so I’d stay with Allen I mean Cam player first 2 games and the panthers went 0-2 Kyle Allen has played last 4 and their now 4-2

    • Cam clearly wasn’t healthy for either of those games either (especially the Tampa game since he couldn’t step into his throws). If Cam is healthy (as close to 100% as he could be), they should give him a shot since a healthy Cam will open up the field a lot more. If Cam still isn’t back to being healthy, then Allen should start.

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