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Trent Williams reported to the Redskins on Tuesday, but his contract could still toll by a full year, Mike Florio of PFT writes. It has been assumed that by reporting before Week 10, Williams will ensure that he still gets credit for the 2019 year. However, the precedent of the Joey Galloway ruling doesn’t necessarily cover him – the Redskins could delay him by using a roster exemption for up to three weeks, giving him fewer than eight weeks on the roster. And, if they do that, the Redskins could argue that 2019 does not count on Williams’ contract, which would push his free agency entry all the way to 2021.

Here’s more on the Redskins and Williams:

  • By reporting before 4pm on Tuesday, Williams ensured that the Redskins will not have to petition the commissioner for his reinstatement this week (Twitter link via’s John Keim). That’s at least one hurdle cleared for Williams, who wants to protect against the possibility of the Redskins robbing him of an accrued season.
  • Near the deadline, the Browns tried, and failed, to get the Redskins to take a second-rounder and a current player for Williams (via John Clayton of 710 Seattle). The Browns had Giants tackle Nate Solder as their fallback option, but they were unable to beat the buzzer.
  • No deal for Williams was ever close, Mike Jones of USA Today (via Twitter) hears. That may, or may not, make the Browns feel better.
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6 comments on “Latest On Trent Williams

  1. afsooner02

    Redskins really botched this one….should have taken a 2nd and another lower pick and called it good. Ah well, nothing surprising here.

    • davidkaner

      Of course they did. They could have taken a 2nd another draft choice in the future based on snaps with the new team. Could have been creative but instead they took the stubborn stupid route.

  2. JJB0811

    Frankly, if I was drafted high by the Skins, I wouldn’t sign the contract. What’s the point of dealing with them?

      • BadCo

        Amazing how the fan base in Washington has dropped so low and the powers to be continue to be so so stupid… damn good job of running this team into the ground…

      • JJB0811

        We’ve already seen it twice this year. Both Ramsey and M. Fitzpatrick wanted to leave losing organizations and did so. Again, if I was either a potential high pick or a good to great young player, I wouldn’t go anywhere near DC.

        Just this year alone; they misspelled an icon’s name on their ring of honor, tried framing their HC for smoking pot, & had a great LT sit out. It was clear the HC had no say in roster building. It’s beyond toxic to players, fans, staff; why waste your career playing for Dan? I wouldn’t.

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