Stefon Diggs At Odds With Vikings

The Vikings and Stefon Diggs are at a crossroads. Diggs has been absent from practice due to non-injury reasons and a spat between the organization and the wide receiver could be at the root of the issue, Ian Rapoport of hears. 

The Vikings are adamant that they will not trade Diggs, Rapoport says, but it seems that something will have to change, one way or another, for the two sides to move forward. Teammates aren’t sure whether Diggs actually wants to be in Minnesota and he’s nowhere to be found as the Vikings are two days away from facing the Giants at the Meadowlands.

The writing has been on the wall for some time. Diggs, who is in the midst of a five-year, $81MM extension inked in 2018, has not talked to beat writers in about two weeks.

He also might not be the only frustrated wide receiver in Minnesota. Adam Thielen recently complained about the one-dimensional nature of the Vikings offense, prompting quarterback Kirk Cousins to apologize. It remains to be seen whether Cousins will try and mend fences with Diggs in similar fashion, or if a mea culpa would even quell the divide.

Diggs has 13 catches for 209 yards with one touchdown through four games after hauling in seven passes for 108 yards in a losing effort to the Bears. Last year, he set new career highs with 102 catches for 1,021 yards and nine TDs.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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25 comments on “Stefon Diggs At Odds With Vikings

    • Misterants

      I feel like it all started with Bell. Don’t like your contract? Play hard and EARN a better one. You signed your current one, honor it.

      • Bell didn’t sign his contract though. He got franchise tagged and never signed it. So he was never officially under contract.

    • Rocket32

      Don’t really get the player hate, if teams protect themselves and prioritize their own best interests it’s perfectly fine and a smart move. When players do the same their selfish and throwing ‘tamtrums’. Whether we as fans like to accept and think about it this way or not, it’s a business on both sides.

      Players have every right to protect themselves financially and get as much money as they can just as teams/owners do. if we’re gonna come down on players for these things, fine, but teams need to be held accountable as well.

      • TJECK109

        A contract is a contract. If they have issues maybe they should withhold their union dues and let them know they don’t like the CBA.

        And honestly how did Bell sitting out a year really protect himself and earn more money?

        • TheTruth12

          Why are you such a dense idiot and can’t see it’s literally both ways? A contract is a contract except when teams wanna rip it up right?

          • TJECK109

            When teams want to rip it up? You mean cut an underperforming player? I think you should look in the mirror if you think I’m a dense idiot. Teams get punished through salary cap ramifications for ripping up contracts, players get fined by the team for sitting out or refusing to play. Both have skin game on contracts. But no where does it say in a CBA that a player can just demand a renegotiated contract and be entitled to one while under a current contract, it does however give the team the right to not pay or fine any dense entitled idiot athletes that think they are gonna do what they want to get what they want.

            • You’re right. It doesn’t say in the CBA that players can demand a new contract. The players can hold out hoping for one, but the team is under no obligation to offer a new contract. But if the team caves in to contract demands that’s on the owner, not the players.

          • padam

            The real contract is the guaranteed money. Everything else is gravy for the player. Provides teams with the ability to have a flexible roster in a physical sport that can end a career in one play. The rosters need flexibility, and cap restrictions cause the contract cuts, although guaranteed money is guaranteed (provided you don’t spin off the planet like AB did).

        • Begamin

          Steelers wouldve run him into the ground until he wasnt effective anymore and no longer have to pay him a heavily incentive based contract. He got more guaranteed money with the Jets.

          • TJECK109

            But he didn’t make up for the 14mil he lost from last season. Hard to say it was a good move on his part

            • And if he gets injured or has an extremely bad year, he likely doesn’t get offered a multi-year deal (or at least a lucrative one). The money he’s getting this year is basically the same amount as he would’ve gotten under the franchise tag so its basically a null point.

              And the difference between the Jets’ contract and the Steelers’ offer is the amount that was guaranteed at signing. His current deal guaranteed him roughly $27m at signing (with two $3m bonuses for showing up to training camp in the final two years of the deal). The Steelers’ offer reportedly only guaranteed his first year with the second year becoming guaranteed if Bell wasn’t cut by a certain date. While Bell would’ve made more if he took the Steelers’ offer, the Steelers could’ve easily cut bait with him after the first season if they wanted to.

              • TJECK109

                Ok so he got 13mil in guaranteed money with the final 6 mil over the final 2 years when you subtract what he would have made last season. Hardly a winner considering his talent

    • Misterants

      Close: the asinine belief that Cousins is a top5 or even top10 qb is what destroys franchises

  1. bigeasye

    I mean the guys getting paid but they’re not even looking his way this year. He and theilen were unstoppable last year and now all they want to is run cook between the tackles

    • Misterants

      But I mean, what’s the alternative? Let Cousins THROW? I’d take my chances running between tackles

      • badco44

        Ok here’s the thing guys, offense needs balance…. problem is when Cousins needs to Adkin and make a play, he chokes badly…. always did in Washington…. and he had a very good line there…. team in Wash is a total joke now… Need to fire the crap that owns the team, he useless

  2. TheTruth12

    I for one can’t wait till he gets traded to the Pats and everyone cries collusion.

    • 58camsnightmares

      People think “pats haters” hate the pats for a bevy of reasons….

      Dbag comments like yours proves “pats haters” hate pats fans because of the way pats fans are as people, from top to bottom.

      East coast trash is as East coast trash does!

      • TheTruth12

        Gets called a dbag for stating the truth if we get him everyone is gonna yell and scream. Hope you have a good day though!

        • I give no fox

          you can’t even sense the pompousness of your own comment, that’s the reason people hate pats fans. The elitist attitude and sense of entitlement

          • Not a Pats fan, but literally every sports franchise that is good for multiple years and has a large fan base is the same way. Of course fans are going to brag and be cocky when their team wins a championship, let alone multiple championships in a couple of years. People hate the Patriots, and their fans, because of how successful the Patriots have been the past 18 years.

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