Andy Dalton Eager To Be Traded In 2020

The fact that the Bengals decided to bench quarterback Andy Dalton right before last Tuesday’s trade deadline did not give Dalton’s agent enough time to find a trade partner, so the Red Rifle will remain with Cincinnati through the 2019 campaign and will serve as rookie Ryan Finley‘s clipboard holder.

Dalton expressed his disappointment with the team’s decision to demote him, and Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports says the 32-year-old signal-caller is eager to be traded this offseason. 2020 is the last year of Dalton’s current contract — and Cincinnati can cut him without incurring any dead money penalties — but his $17.5MM salary next year is relatively palatable, and a number of QB-needy clubs could be interested in sending some draft capital to the Bengals to secure Dalton’s services.

Several GMs that La Canfora spoke with named the Buccaneers as a potential landing spot for Dalton. Indeed, Tampa Bay has plenty of talent at wide receiver and tight end and a strong enough O-line, and Dalton has proven that he can be successful with a solid grouping of talent around him. Plus, Bucs head coach Bruce Arians is not likely going to want to rebuild with a rookie QB, and trading for Dalton is looking like a better option than re-signing Jameis Winston at the moment.

The Titans and Bears may also be interested in Dalton, and depending on what Tom Brady and Philip Rivers decide to do, the Patriots and Chargers could end up as potential suitors as well. La Canfora’s sources say the Bengals should be able to net a 2020 second-round pick in exchange for their 2011 second-rounder.

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36 comments on “Andy Dalton Eager To Be Traded In 2020

    • gogoblue

      Bears should be calling the Bengals GM as soon as the season is over. Trubisky is a flop, and they don’t have enough draft picks to draft new QB thanks to Mack trade. Bears don’t need superstar QB, just a game manager for which Dalton is one.

    • The Bears or Bills would love to have a mediocre QB instead of the long lines of garbage they’ve been trotting out there for decades. Dalton on the Bills this year and there’s a decent chance they’re undefeated.

      • bencole

        Even though Mitch has struggled, no interest in Dalton on the Bears at all.

      • tim2686

        The Bears have a mediocre QB in Trubisky. Don’t need another guy that can’t lead the offense again.

        • CubsRebsSaints

          Dalton would be better than Trubisky. Dalton is a high floor. Very low ceiling kinda guy. Trubisky is not a good QB. To think, the Bears could of had Patty Mahomes AND kept all of their draft picks the Niners are enjoying.

        • They’ve lost two games. A competent QB could have easily led them to victory in those games. Pay attention and maybe have an idea of what you’re talking about before chastising.

          • burtgummer

            Perhaps if you were to remove your head from your ass you might realize how ignorant you are

      • seattlesuperfan

        Bruh i would take josh Allen over Dalton all day. If Allen learns to be more precise with that cannon of an arm and his mobility that’s a franchise QB

  1. Whateverworks77

    BS = JLC (by the way how does JLC deserve just initials)….why would anyone pay almost 18 million to him plus give up a 2?? Absurd.

  2. CubsRebsSaints

    I have to disagree. The entire league has seen Dalton play average football for 10 years or so. Eager to pay him 17 million and send a 2nd round pick? I don’t think so. I see two 5th round picks as a comparable price. That’s the price the Dolphins paid for former WR Brandon Marshall years ago. There is talent, and you could do worse. But it’s not like you’re even trading for someone that has seen recent success. The Bengals should be delighted to find someone to take that 17m off their hands.

  3. Lol at the last paragraph. I’m sure the Pats or Chargers will move on from their aging QBs by signing a washed-up 33-year-old. That’s how you build a franchise, right?

  4. unclemike1525

    You really have to ask yourself the following questions.
    1. Why would the Bears trade off a 17 Mil salary for a slow old QB that wouldn’t fit in Nagy’s system, For a young mobile 9 Mil QB that doesn’t fit in Nagy’s system?
    2. How different would that draft had gone if Nagy and not Fox was the Bears head coach? Pretty sure Mahomes or Watson would be here now.
    3. If the beef on Mitch was that he only played 13 games in college, Why do the Bears sit him in every preseason game, when he would obviously profit from the experience? Is it because his fragile ego would take a hit? If so, then he’s not the man for the job. Most of the blame goes to Nagy on that score.

    • dust44

      I could c the Bears trying to get Bridgewater in the offseason before Dalton. Trubisky isn’t horrible. He just needs a better system that fits his game better. Maybe even a swap (even tho Bridgewater is a free agent I believe) with trusbisky going to the saints to back up Brees for a year. And let Sean Payton build a systems around Trubisky once Brees retires. He would probably benefit from learning behind a guy like Brees

  5. letmeclearmythroat74

    He should have been traded before e trade deadline. Just silly. The trade deadline is a busy week in the NFL for GMs and ownership. Where are the bengals that week? Well they don’t have a GM but ownership was on vacation in Switzerland. Please move this team the heck out of Cincy. It disgusts me.

    • fieldsj2

      What exactly would moving the team accomplish? Mike Brown is still gonna own them. I’m all for him selling the team though! The city has gave them way more than they deserve and you want to take their team?

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Dalton is probably done as a full time starter but he could improve his market value by taking a page out of George Blanda’s book and becoming a kicker. The Bears and Chargers have a definite need at that position.

  7. BadCo

    Maybe the Redskins will trade for him and add him to the pile of junk QBs they currently have!

  8. letmeclearmythroat74

    I really think when it’s all said and done he goes to Tampa. I’m not sure that’s an upgrade but both Dalton and Winston need a change of scenery. Dalton can get you to the dance with a supporting cast … problem is he’s a terrible dancer.

  9. g8752

    I think the Patriots would love to sign Dalton as he’s 10 years younger than Brady and would do well in NE after Brady.

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