Dez Bryant Eyeing NFL Comeback

Dez Bryant is looking to make his NFL return ASAP. This week, the former Cowboys wide receiver took to Twitter to announce that he’s “feeling good” and intends to reach out to teams in the next couple of weeks. 

After departing from the Cowboys last year, Bryant hooked on with the Saints. Unfortunately, his season ended before it began when he suffered a torn Achilles tendon. Finally, the veteran says he’s ready to rock.

The Eagles would be one logical fit for Bryant after losing DeSean Jackson to a core muscle injury. However, they’ve reunited with Jordan Matthews, so they may be set on the WR depth chart.

Bryant, 31, has not played since the 2017 season. He notoriously sat out much of last season and declined multiple offers, including a lucrative three-year, $21MM pitch from the Ravens, before joining the Saints midway through the season.

This time around, it’s unlikely that he’ll see anything close to a $7MM AAV, or much in the way of guaranteed money beyond 2019.

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28 comments on “Dez Bryant Eyeing NFL Comeback

  1. kevin

    well he certainly didn’t help himself after leaving Dallas. the injury didn’t help either

  2. seth3120

    Dez really fell off. Maybe it was more mental complacency than physical and time off might motivate him. But maybe he’s just done idk

  3. Polish Hammer

    Dez burned through his cash and he doesn’t want to see his moms back out there working…

      • Polish Hammer

        Wow what a zinger, you really got me there. And I understand why you stick up for Dez, after all your mom and his mom worked the same streets, so you might be compliments of the same John.

        • layercake

          To be fair you started it. You tried a joke, failed, someone makes a joke about you and you get burnt. Before you say you arent ive seen how you act on mlbtraderumors and it’s all the same. So you can reply to me and prove my point or we move along… Nothing to see here… Etc etc.

          • Polish Hammer

            I stated a fact, no fail. And the reply was at the 2nd grade level, no burn. So thanks anyway for making sure the peanut gallery gets heard.

          • Jcool90

            lol dude his names polish hammer . But yeah dude grow up before somebody decks you in your mouth . Mama jokes are sooo highschool. That’s probably wtf you are bud. Stop being a little And be a MAN!!

  4. redkloud94

    Really would like to see the 49ers add depth to the WR position Dez would be worth the try for sure.

  5. Phattey

    Typically when teams are interested in you they will reach out to you not the other way around bro, dez looking like a fool saying yeah I intend to ask teams if I can come play for them in the coming weeks

  6. Wentz It Gonna be my Turn?

    I’d get Todd Pinkston out of retirement before i’d have Dez on my Birds roster

  7. Thomas Bliss

    I think Denver would be a good fit for him to tryout and finish this year.

  8. RockHauler

    Dez already had lost a step after his foot injury, then lost another due to age, its one of the one the Cowboys ditched him. He still acted as if he was an All-Pro in the prime of his career and complained about not getting the ball. Now after tearing an Achilles’ tendon, which always slows down a player, he has no chance to be a NFL quality WR again.

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