Dan Orlovsky Getting Coaching Interest

Plenty of former NFL coaches end up at ESPN as analysts, but now that formula could be working in reverse. ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky has received calls from teams to “gauge his interest in leaving the network for an offensive coaching job,” sources told Adam Schefter of ESPN.com.

According to Schefter, Orlovsky also had interest from the Packers last year about joining their staff. Orlovsky told Schefter that it “would have to be a perfect mix of circumstances” to get him to leave his in-studio gig. A journeyman quarterback in the league for a little over a decade, Orlovsky retired in 2017. He quickly pivoted to becoming an analyst, and joined ESPN last year. While there, he’s received a lot of praise for his work breaking down quarterback play.

A Connecticut product, he was drafted by the Lions in the fifth-round back in 2005. He started seven games for Detroit in 2008 and five for the Colts in 2011, the only starts of his career. He also spent time with the Texans, Buccaneers, and Rams as a backup. Only 36, he’s got plenty of time to make the jump if he wants.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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12 comments on “Dan Orlovsky Getting Coaching Interest

    • earmbrister

      Yes indeed. When I was looking at houses, I unknowingly looked at the father’s house that was for sale. As I went from room to room, trophy to trophy, it became clear who the son was.

  1. crosseyedlemon

    I am eagerly awaiting the next update, which will undoubtedly have Dan Orlovsky reporting that several owners are calling Adam Schefter to “gauge his interest in leaving the network to become the next NFL commissioner”.

    • graysondecker

      Honestly, I’d much prefer Adam Schefter as commissioner over Roger Goodell. No way he could be as bad, and he’s already got every single team in his contact list

  2. Phattey

    This dude is an absolute idiot on espn so it only makes sense that one of his first interviews will be with the Cleveland Browns to continue on their historic tradition of garbage coaches

    • gimo147

      Wow he must really have said something that hurt your feelings because this guy doesn’t really take too many bold stances and is more often than not correct.

  3. Brad

    Will Cain would love to see this. Those two are the perfect pair and will probably be your next Shannon vs Skip. I can imagine the Eagles being one, if not the only, team calling. Could also be a smoke screen from his agent to get leverage from ESPN or see if anyone does have real interest.

  4. Thomas Bliss

    No matter what he does he will probably always be remembered for dropping back through his own end zone scrabbling away from Jared Allen helping Detroit to a 0-16 record.

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