Packers To Stick With DC Mike Pettine?

While the Packers’ season came to a disappointing end in the Conference Championship, it sounds like their defensive coordinator won’t be a casualty. ESPN’s Rob Demovsky reports that Mike Pettine will return next season.

When head coach Matt LaFleur talked to reporters earlier today, he wasn’t willing to definitively commit to his defensive coordinator.

“Yeah, we’re still working through everything right now,” LaFleur said (via Grant Gordon of “Just trying to evaluate everything. Like you said, I think our defense did a lot of great things. Obviously the last game was really disappointing in terms of our performance. It just wasn’t good enough, especially when you get to a championship game like that. You know what’s at stake. Just all across the board, it wasn’t just the defense — our offense and special teams weren’t up to par as well.”

Apparently, LaFleur was willing to commit soon after the press conference ended. Demovsky writes that the head coach met with Pettine this afternoon, and it was decided that the defensive coordinator will stick around for the 2020 campaign.

Pettine joined the Packers organization prior to the 2018 season. Despite the Packers moving on from head coach Mike McCarthy, LaFleur decided to stick with the coordinator. Green Bay’s defense rebounded in 2019, finishing this most recent campaign in the top-10 for points allowed and takeaways.

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19 comments on “Packers To Stick With DC Mike Pettine?

  1. Phattey

    this man has been trash all season and let a 180 pound runningback run for 220 and 4 touchdowns fire this buffoon immediately

    • ehawks62

      seems the players on the defensive side should also be to blame, but of course they all cant be fired.

    • dandan

      I won’t disagree that he isn’t the best DC in the world, but Mostert is extremely fast and the zone blocking scheme the 49ers run is incredibly hard to defend

      • Phattey

        It’s easy to run the ball when you don’t make adjustments there’s this film study guy on YouTube Brett Kollmann dude breaks down how the packers got destroyed all year because they just don’t make in game adjustments , if you let a guy as big as me 5’10 180 go for 220 you shouldn’t have a job anymore

    • dmzeng1970

      Exactly Pettine had no answers to the 49ers and in fact did nothing to stem their running backs from gobbling yards on the ground and leaving the middle wide open for any receiver that happened to stroll through it. The 49ers coaches were constantly talking to their players while Pettine was AWOL.

  2. madtitan

    Worst way possible to kick off the offseason. Already in the wrong direction

  3. twentyforty

    Never been good. Buffalo. Jets. Browns…not exactly where you hire from.

  4. HailRodgers12$

    Our run defense has been bad for a while. Can’t blame it all on the DC when the ends are Lancaster and Lowry, and mlb’s include Goodson, Burks and Martinez, who despite making a ton of tackles, generally does so after a 6-8 yard gain.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    Kudos to LaFleur for not taking the easy approach and finding himself a fall guy. The Packers defense went from 21st in scoring efficiency last year to 8th this season (a ranking better than the 49ers btw). Any team can have a bad game…ask the 14-2 Ravens about that.

  6. itslonelyatthetrop

    Packers had one of the better defenses this season. The Smiths had career years.

    • HailRodgers12$

      Correction: the Packers had a number of guys who put up great stats. As a unit, they weren’t all that good.

      I chucked every time I heard how they had a bend but don’t break defense, and the red zone D was solid. Well, they really never stopped the run, nearly every TE we faced that was any good killed us, and as the 49ers proved with their first score in the NFC title game, when you score from 38 yards out, the red zone D doesn’t matter.

      A run stuffing or double-team-requiring d-lineman next to Clark and at least 2 better mlb’s and maybe the D will better overall.

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