Browns, Joe Schobert To Talk Extension Again

It looks like Joe Schobert might be getting an extension offer from the Browns after all. We heard back in November that the two sides had discussed a deal, but then a month later there was a report Cleveland wasn’t interested in extending him and was prepared to let him walk in free agency. 

A lot has happened with the franchise since then, including the firings of head coach Freddie Kitchens and GM John Dorsey, and now Schobert returning seems like a real possibility. Andrew Berry is in charge of the front office now, and Schobert said in a recent interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio that he’d already met with the new general manager, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal. Berry “said he’d be reaching out and talk to my agent over the course of the next couple weeks,” Schobert revealed.

Interestingly, Schobert confirmed that Dorsey’s firing helped spark hope of an agreement again. “[Berry and I have] communicated since [he’s] been hired, which kind of had broken down, I think, with the previous regime,” he said. The linebacker reiterated that he wants to stay a Brown, but was willing to move on as well. “If both sides can reach an agreement, then that’d be great. I’d love that, but you never know.”

Berry had declined to reveal whether he’d speak with Schobert’s reps at his introductory press conference, but it sounds like he will. As Ulrich points out, Berry was the vice president of player personnel in Cleveland back in 2016 when the Browns drafted Schobert in the fourth-round, and that connection certainly doesn’t hurt. The Wisconsin product has been playing at a high level the past few years, and he made the Pro Bowl in 2017. He started all 16 games this past year, racking up 133 tackles, four interceptions, two sacks, and nine passes defended.

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9 comments on “Browns, Joe Schobert To Talk Extension Again

  1. Why would you let a guy like Schobert go? Not like the Browns have cap issues. Then again, it’s the Browns…

  2. jb19

    Schobert has some great games and then he has games where he gets his butt run over… I wouldn’t mind seeing how he does at WLB and Mack on the strong side. in this scenario, Kirksey is released. Browns need a physical MLB that can shed blocks to stop the run game. AFC North has some running games where Schobert just isn’t cutting it imo. Passing game he’s great and he can blitz really well, so a player like this shouldn’t reach FA, but the browns have to figure out stopping the run in that division and I don’t think that includes Schobert as the MLB.

    • Michael Chaney

      I think Kirksey needs released either way. He’s done a lot for the team, but he just can’t stay healthy any more. They’re not necessarily in need of cap space yet, but freeing up more to get rid of him would be smart.

      • jb19

        I think if they let Schobert walk in FA then Kirksey will be asked to restructure his deal. Browns will need to pick up a FA LB if they let both guys walk. May as well keep the guys you know… I’m all for releasing Kirksey, but the only other legit LB the browns would have is Mack. Takitaki is basically a special teamer imo.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Is Takitaki that much better than Schobert that they can let Joe walk? Gotta believe the Raiders would take Schobert as a replacement for Burfict in a heartbeat if he becomes a FA.

    • Michael Chaney

      Takitaki barely saw the field last year. Eliot Wolf was a big fan of his and he’s gone now, so I’m not even sure what Takitaki’s future is with them at this point.

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