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There Cowboys have not met or negotiated with Dak Prescott‘s agent since the start of the 2019 season, Cowboys VP Stephen Jones says (Twitter link via Michael Gehlken of The Athletic). There could be some conversation with Prescott’s rep Todd France at the combine, but nothing has been scheduled just yet.

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When those talks were active, the Cowboys were reportedly willing to go to $33MM/year on a long-term deal. That was probably in the right ballpark, but Prescott’s camp aimed higher as he got off to a blazing start in 2019. The QB could have been targeting the $35MM average annual value of Russell Wilson‘s deal. Even though the Cowboys slumped in the second half, Prescott’s camp may still look to use that contract as a reference point.

Technically speaking, Prescott is scheduled to become a free agent in less than a month. Realistically, there’s no scenario in which the Cowboys will allow him to explore the open market. If a long-term deal doesn’t materialize, the Cowboys are expected to use the ~$27MM franchise tag to cuff him for the 2020 season. After that, the Cowboys can negotiate a long-term deal with Prescott up until the mid-summer deadline. And, if July comes and goes without a new agreement, the two sides can revisit talks after the 2020 campaign.

Jones pretty much confirmed that plan when he spoke with reporters on Monday.

Absolutely not,” Jones said when asked if there’s any chance of parting ways with Prescott (Twitter link via’s Todd Archer). “I mean, Dak’s our quarterback. He’s our quarterback for the future and we have nothing but the greatest respect for him. He’s a competitor. He’s won a lot of football games for us. Obviously, he, like us, we all want to take that next step and get into a championship game and get to the big game and ultimately win a championship. So there’s no thoughts like that.”

Prescott, a two-time Pro Bowler, threw for 4,902 yards and 30 touchdowns in 2019. For his career, he’s got 40-24 in 64 starts with a 65.8% completion rate and 97 TDs against 36 INTs.

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21 comments on “Latest On Cowboys, Dak Prescott

  1. JJB0811

    Dallas should tag him and let him seek a trade. Cousins hasn’t moved the needle for Minny. They very similar QB’s. If everything lines up, then they can have a great game; if not it’s ugly.

  2. Thronson5

    I have a feeling they end up moving on, I know it’s crazy but I just feel it coming. Too much rumors going around about Brady and Tua. Also hearing Teddy Bridgewater. All would be cheaper so theh can add more talent. I think Dak has proven to be way better than I thought it was, he’s actually really good. But they can win without him and add more roentgens including keeping Cooper. Defensive players on market, cheaper QBs in free agency and draft also. I would like to see him back even though that’s not my team but I just feel he might be gone. Jerry Jone is loyal so I don’t know if he could move on but you never know. He would love to save money I do know tha

    • Breezy

      By that logic, they’d need to redraft a new QB every few years, or every 4-5 years if you snag a good one, just so you don’t have to pay him what the market says hes worth long term.

      • Dak hasn’t shown the ability to win the big game. Arguably Dak is a placeholder, so it would make more sense for Dallas to roll the dice again than pay him the big bucks and hogtie the franchise for five years.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Dak is a placeholder? He’s 18-2 when completing 70% or more of his passes. Wentz by comparision is 8-5.

          • shawn hemp

            You like him. We get it. Cowboys can pay him and go another decade without a super bowl. Stat nerds are the best. They think games are played on a piece of paper

          • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

            Last season he (Duk) completed 70% or more v Wash (twice),Philly, NYG and NYJ. Total proof that he’s elite and should reset the NFL QB Market.

            • shawn hemp

              Lol u know who else completed 70% of his passes? Derek Carr and he isn’t asking for 35 million. Dak was second in passing yards you know who was first? Jamies Winston. Stats don’t tell the whole story. Teams dared dak to beat them and sold out to stop the run and guess what happened he went 8-8. Elite? I could name 15 other QBs better than him

  3. RootedInOakland

    Anyone that thinks Dak is the problem in Dallas is a dumdum, fool hasn’t been perfect but is the main reason their offense has been one of the best the past couple years. The more u wait the more it’s gonna cost u in the end so just lock him up now and watch the cap explode with the new CBA.

    • jb19

      Dak is not the main reason for the cowboys offensive success, Ezekiel Elliot is. Without Zeke, Dak is a bottom tier QB… Cowboys have to pound the ball, dominate the line and use play action. Similar to the Titans in the playoffs and later part of the year. Ryan Tannehill even looked competent with that style of play. Both QBs highly elevated by the play of the line and primary RBs. No thank you to $35MM AAV, $30MM AAV or even $28MM AAV.

    • snotrocket

      Anyone who thinks Dak deserves to be paid like an elite QB has lost their mind. Tag him, offer him market value for a mid-range QB over about 4 or 5 years. If you can’t come together on a contract then figure it out next year.

    • Paul1989

      Somebody’s looking at Dak and Dunk through rose colored glasses. Is that you Jerruh?

  4. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Franchise him at 27, then offer him a three year extension for $105M. Net result? 4 years, $132M, AAV $33M.

  5. willthathrill08

    no way he gets more than 30mil a year, hes not an elite QB by any means, only reason he looks so good is because that loud mouth arrogant running back

  6. mlbnyyfan

    Everyone knows Jerry Jones will be bending over to pay Dak. I bet he gets 35+ because Jerry afraid to go after someone else.

  7. phillyballers

    If you could get Bridgewater on a 2 or 3 year deal for 15-20 per, it would be more ideal than 30+ for Dak for 5 yrs. Heck, trading him for Kirk Cousins straight up would be more ideal and then drafting a QB.

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