Dolphins To Keep Josh Rosen?

The Dolphins seem intent on heading into 2020 with Ryan Fitzpatrick as their bridge to a rookie quarterback. That leaves Josh Rosen without much of a role, but that won’t necessarily result in the former first-round pick being pushed out of Miami. Rosen is likely to stay on the roster, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald hears. 

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From a fiscal standpoint, the Dolphins would have little reason to release Rosen. Still on his rookie deal, Rosen is slated to count for just $2.079MM against the 2020 cap. Releasing him would only leave them with a larger dead money hit and zero savings. Cutting Rosen would also be bad optics – they shipped a second-round pick, plus a fifth-round choice, to the Cardinals for him just one year ago.

Rosen hasn’t shown much at the pro level, but he’s still only 23 and not far removed from his impressive game film at UCLA. There’s always the possibility that injuries elsewhere lead to trade interest in Chosen Rosen between now and September. Granted, the Dolphins won’t have a ton of leverage if they’re rostering Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, or another top rookie QB alongside Fitz.

For his part, Rosen has indicated that he wants to stay in Miami, even though that means playing second fiddle to a 37-year-old.

I’m very encouraged just in general day to day, in how I’ve developed and watching Fitz do his thing,” Rosen said in December, some time after losing his starting job. “It’s not really the window is opened and closed like that. But there’s a sense of understanding time and opportunity. I’m aware of it, but it’s all for you guys to write about more than for me to worry about. Opportunities will come and I’ll try to seize them.”

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19 comments on “Dolphins To Keep Josh Rosen?

  1. chieflove42

    I still like Rosen. he may be one of those QBs who sticks around 20 years as a backup. he will never live up to his initial billing but will have a pro career that 99 % of college players would kill for.

    • Natergater77

      Who could turn into Alex Smith, who was seen as a bust and ended up with decent career. Not #1 pick type but a good career

    • kahnkobra

      who’s the last QB to stick around as a back up for 20 yrs and was able to put up savory numbers?

  2. bumpy93

    he will be traded to Tampa Bay if the bucs don’t bring back Winston. Arians drafted him in 2018, so I could see a reunion between the two

  3. washington_bonercats

    I feel bad for Rosen. Cards gave up on him a year in and got shipped to the worst team in the league and still couldn’t be the clear cut starter. Mentally that’s got to take a toll on a young guy like him. He still has time.

    • elscorcho the marlin
      elscorcho the marlin

      Bengals and 3 other teams would say they were worse than the dolphins. Facts matter.

  4. dust44

    Rosen to the Patriots for a 4th. Or… now hear me out. To the Raiders for a 4th. The raiders deal Carr and pick up Brady for 2 years. Rosen learns from Brady for 2 years and he’s closer to home in Vegas. And Gruden likes to collect retread QBs.

    • Skullking

      Why would the Dolphins trade a player they knew was a prospect for a 4th, 1 year after they traded a 2nd for him? From what the coaches and management has stated, he’s on pace for where they thought he would be, why lower their value?

      • kahnkobra

        they aren’t gonna get a 2nd rounder for Rosen and when they draft another QB this year, there’s goes any leverage they might have had

  5. MBarry

    With Fitz set to come back next year, the Dolphins should let Rosen sit out at least some of next season too. Then see what he’s got. Give Tua next year off and then a year to sit behind Rosen. By the time Rosen is in a contract year the Dolphins can choose to trade him or ride him for the long haul. Either way, by then Tua should be ready to go.

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