Eagles Looking To Move Alshon Jeffery, Who Would Welcome trade

Alshon Jeffery and the Eagles could be headed for a parting of ways. Philadelphia is looking to move their star receiver, sources told Connor Hughes of The Athletic

Hughes adds that Jeffery “would welcome the change of scenery,” but the receiver’s rep quickly refuted that. Jeffery “loves being in the city of Philly and playing for the Eagles,” his agent Tory Dandy tweeted. As Hughes points out, Jeffery’s contract is currently a significant hurdle. If the Eagles hadn’t restructured his contract back in September they would’ve been able to get out of his deal fairly easily, but now they’d be looking at a $26MM cap hit if they wanted to cut him.

There was a lot of drama surrounding Jeffery and the team last year, as he was alleged to have been the source of critical comments about Carson Wentz that surfaced in the press. Sources confirmed to Hughes that Wentz and Jeffery “never saw eye-to-eye and their relationship was testy.” Thanks to the restructure, Jeffery is guaranteed a base salary of $11.5MM for 2020.

Hughes thinks the Eagles will pursue a trade, and that they will look to split some of the money owed to Jeffery. The South Carolina product just turned 30 and is coming off Lisfranc surgery that could sideline him for most of training camp, so Hughes understandably thinks it will be hard to find a trade partner. Many seem to expect that the Eagles will eat the $26MM and cut Jeffery if they have to.

If that happens and Jeffery becomes a free agent, Hughes writes that it “shouldn’t take long before the Jets make a call.” Because of offset language in his contract, any team will be able to sign Jeffery for the league minimum should he reach the open market. Hughes notes that he has plenty of ties to the Jets’ current regime, as New York’s GM Joe Douglas spent time with him in Philly and Adam Gase coached him in Chicago. We should know a lot more about Jeffery’s situation, and where he’ll be playing in 2020, soon.

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39 comments on “Eagles Looking To Move Alshon Jeffery, Who Would Welcome trade

      • rgreen

        My team,my town,my Philadelphia 76ers….or Eagles….or Phillies…or Flyers.

        Some fans use “us” or “we” when speaking about their teams.I do.You don’t like it,so what,i don’t care.

        • Stillers12

          People who have no wit like to use this when people refer to their teams. I use WE all the time when referring to the teams I love. It’s personal to us. Online trolls will be online trolls.

        • Marner#16


          You truely aren’t that bright are you! Wasn’t talking to you dumb ass!

          • rgreen

            Well considering I use those terms,you might as well of been…..out of curiosity,are you actually Mitch Marner,or do you just like using his name?

  1. MBarry

    If Philly is willing to eat most of the contract and take a late pick, I’m sure Green Bay would be interested.

    • Marner#16


      Bills suck why would he wanna go to a team with no chance of winning a super bowl!

      • ruckus727

        Alshon sucks so it’s a match. He’s not going to have a ton of interest. He’s garbage.

        • Polish Hammer

          I wouldn’t say he sucks, he makes some difficult catches but his problem is he seems to only turn it on when he wants to and add in his locker room presence he’s done in Philly. Being healthy, having a clean slate and maybe learning a lesson from his time might lead to good results for whoever gets him. Buying very cheap compared to his abilities should mean it’s a very low risk with high reward.

  2. phillyballers

    Better off just cutting him next year. No one is trading for him unless they deal a 1st maybe even another pick.

  3. rebuilding_det

    Trade Jeffery to Lions for Slay, both similar age and both think their best, add a 6th round to Detroit for taking the contract. Detroit needs another receiver, Philly wants Slay….

  4. crosseyedlemon

    It’s never a good sign when the player and his agent don’t seem to be on the same page. Looks like this will be a lose-lose situation for everyone involved.

  5. Appalachian_Outlaw

    He might bounce back a bit outside of Philly, but still… This guy seems like a lot of headaches for someone who MIGHT catch 60 balls. I’m not completely opposed to diva WRs, but they need to be posting at an elite level to make the trouble worth it.

  6. halofanatic

    Lisfranc injury? Buyer beware. Athletes are so dependent on their feet that teams shouldn’t be offering any compensation in a trade for that salary. Not worth the risk. Sorry Eagles.

  7. Stillers12

    Amazing when healthy, but injured every year. I wouldn’t trade for that contract.

  8. Polish Hammer

    Saw this interesting info comparing 3 guys average production as an Eagle:

    Todd Pinkston: 44 catches, 659 yards, 15.0 ypc, 4.0 TDs
James Thrash: 55 catches, 675 yards, 12.4 ypc, 5.0 TDs
Alshon Jeffery: 55 catches, 707 yards, 12.9 ypc, 6 TDs

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