Green Bay Has Not Been Named Host of 2022 NFL Draft

An erroneous report yesterday began circling around various media outlets that Green Bay, Wisconsin would host the 2022 NFL Draft. While the city of Green Bay still hopes to host the event, Packers chief operating officer Ed Policy tells Richard Ryman of the Green Bay Press-Gazette that no decision has been made by the league at this point.

The draft was hosted in New York from 1965 to 2014, but the league decided to allow the event to rove between cities. Since the league’s decision, the most popular event of the offseason has been hosted in Philadelphia (PA), Dallas (TX), Nashville (TN), and Chicago (IL) twice. Las Vegas will host this offseason’s draft and the 2021 draft will take place in Cleveland (OH).

Green Bay is obviously one of the most historic cities in NFL history, but it also would be a stark contrast from the large cities that have played host over the event’s history. Ryman writes that Green Bay has had its eyes on the draft for some time with a number of recent developments in the city’s downtown.

Since no announcement has been made, and Green Bay seems to be in the running, it’s still plausible that the 2022 NFL Draft could be in Wisconsin, but for now, no decision is final.

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17 comments on “Green Bay Has Not Been Named Host of 2022 NFL Draft

  1. JJB0811

    It was a great idea to have the draft go to different cities. Always good to have an indoor/outdoor weekend long party in late April!

  2. metsie1

    Hey, why not? Green Bay is in the NFL. In fact, the small city is a big part of NFL history. We have now had Super Bowls in Minnesota and New York in February. No reason we can’t have a draft in Green Bay. I think all the NFL cities should get a crack.

  3. jetup12

    Obviously the draft should ALWAYS be held in New York. Don’t take it to these minor league cities.

    • aircarter777

      Says the Jets fan who could atleast count on their team to lose the season at the draft in New York so they could boo them each year..

      • stubby66

        Well how about this if you host the draft your team has to have a winning record or make the playoffs oops that takes the Jets out of ever hosting lol

    • HailRodgers12$

      Yeah, clearly the Packers are just a farm team preparing young players for future SB success with the Jets. There’s plenty of proof in the NFL history books of this, so there’s no debate… (Extreme eye roll)

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Jerry Jones has a yacht longer than a football field so why not have the draft on that?

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