Laremy Tunsil Shooting For $20MM AAV?

After sending the Dolphins two first-round picks and change in last summer’s Laremy Tunsil-centered swap, the Texans are prepared to negotiate with their prized left tackle. These talks will be interesting.

Tunsil and the Texans have engaged in preliminary talks and met with the fifth-year blocker’s agent at the Combine, according to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. While the sides are not deep in negotiations yet, the recent trade acquisition is expected to set an eye-opening price point.

Tunsil is expected to pursue a deal that pays him between $19-$20MM per year, Wilson adds. That would eclipse Lane Johnson‘s recent offensive line-record $18MM-AAV pact. Although Tunsil is not as accomplished as Philadelphia’s top tackle, the Texans sending two first-rounders for him — and the salary cap potentially set to vault into previously unforeseen territory in the near future –support Tunsil shooting for this price range.

Johnson represents the only offensive lineman earning more than $16.5MM per year presently. Tunsil joining him should be anticipated, however. The 25-year-old tackle is attached to a $10.3MM fifth-year option in 2020. The Texans would have the option of a franchise tag in 2021, but as more information about future salary caps comes out, Tunsil’s price may continue to rise.

The Texans received a Pro Bowl season from Tunsil in 2019; the ex-Ole Miss standout became the first Texans Pro Bowl offensive lineman since Duane Brown in 2014. Houston dealt Brown in 2017 and experienced considerable trouble replacing him over the next 1 1/2 seasons, with Deshaun Watson taking a 2010s-high 62 sacks in 2018. Pro Football Focus graded Tunsil as its No. 21 overall tackle but slotted him third overall in pass protection.

Houston enters the offseason with $61MM-plus in cap space and has some key needs on defense, but this will be a centerpiece priority for the team — one that will not have the luxury of upgrading too much in this year’s draft. The Texans traded four first-, second- or third-round 2020 picks last year, placing a premium on how they handle veteran contracts this year.

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21 comments on “Laremy Tunsil Shooting For $20MM AAV?

    • phins34

      If the scenario is Tunsil at $20m+ aav vs 2 first rounders then gimme the picks

  1. bigjonliljon

    The nerve of some of these guys. Why does he think he should shatter the record for an OL? I say let him play out his last year on contract and then you franchise him. If he’s still healthy and performing, that is

    • nick effing punto

      Because they gave up two 1s and a 2 for him. Pretty ridiculous trade.

    • JT19

      It’s always been a greed sport. Almost every sport at its core is about making money. You don’t think most, if not all, owners are looking for ways to make more money?

  2. davidkaner

    I don’t get you guys. NFL is the most brutal if the four sports and has no guaranteed contracts. The signing bonus is the only thing for certain so even if he gets 20 AAV, he probably only gets 2 or 3 years before he is asked to take a pay cut or gets released. Baseball players sign 10 year deals all guaranteed and they don’t 15% to 25% of their games. Anything these guys get, they deserve. End of story!

    • Jcool90

      Okay, they play 162 games a yr also. Stop making excuses for the cry baby. Their all big cry baby. Plain n simple.

  3. Tazza

    Poor mistake by the Texans.
    Bite end of the day you need to forget those two first and think is he worth 20mil and the answer to me is hell no.

    I’d rather pay Bulaga 10mil a year for 2 years and upgrade at the defence

  4. Michael Chaney

    I don’t think he’s worth that much.

    But to all the people saying he’ll never get it, he has leverage: the Texans paid a ton to get him, he’s one of the best pass protectors in the league, and he’ll keep giving himself more leverage if he holds out or refuses to play under the tag in the future. I think he’ll get closer to $17-18 million a year, but I wouldn’t rule out more. Especially since we’re talking about Bill O’Brien here.

    It’s a lot of money (that I wouldn’t be lining up to pay him), but as the cap grows and the league changes, contract values aren’t going to remain stagnant.

    • Jcool90

      Ha if he was, Watson wouldn’t of been sacked as much. Haha, I’m ravens fan. Ronnie gonna get the next biggest contract before him. He better and yeah. We crushed them last year lol. Cant wait till we play em again.

        • cysoxsale

          horrible. And as a fan of the team but a realist Im saying the entire league now has tape on Jackson and knows how to stop him. Ravens will be lucky to get 5 wins next year

  5. yoyo137

    Any player who doesn’t look for the most money is doing a disservice to his fellow player’s future earnings. Get as much money as you can to make sure the next guy gets as much money as he can.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I doubt there is even one player alive who has entered contract negotiations with that mind set. Would you also suggest that owners that don’t try to lowball players are doing a disservice to fellow owners?

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