Latest On Lions, No. 3 Overall Pick

It sounds like Lions general manager Bob Quinn is ready to take some calls on #3. In a conversation with Tori Petry of the team website (and via Charean Williams of, the executive hinted that the team will likely hear offers for the third-overall selection. Of course, Quinn cautioned that the team’s yet to talk trade.

“The higher you are up in the draft, really the sooner the conversations begin,” Quinn said. “I have not had any trade conversations with anybody as of yet. Those usually tend to start in the combine in the hallway that we kind of roll through, and we’ll see how that goes.”

As Williams notes, the Lions are in a logical position to trade back. It sounds like the organization is fully committed to quarterback Matthew Stafford. As a result, Detroit won’t have any need for the likes of Tua Tagovailoa nor Justin Herbert (assuming the QBs are still on the board at #3).

In that case, Quinn could easily make a trade with a QB-needy team. Williams suggests the Dolphins (#5), Chargers (#6), and Panthers (#7) as potential trade partners.

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36 comments on “Latest On Lions, No. 3 Overall Pick

  1. TheBlueMeanie

    What do you mean “assuming the QB’s are still on the board”? Have you legitimately heard anything different than Burrow and Young at 1 and 2? I sure haven’t. Anywhere.

    If the Lions do in fact trade down, I hope they don’t trade so far back it takes them out of position to get Okudah.

    • dynamite drop in monty

      Anything can happen, hence “assuming” is responsible vernacular.

      • TheBlueMeanie

        That doesn’t answer my question. Have YOU heard or seen ANY mock draft that doesn’t have Burrow or Young at 1 and 2? Cincy and Washington have all but confirmed their picks. A better question would be have you seen or heard any mock draft where Tua and Herbert go 1 and 2 over Burrow and Young? Yeah, me neither. In this instance, I’d say it’s a safe assumption they’ll be there at 3.

        • I’ve got to say, the contradiction in your rant is absolutely hysterical. You’re pointing out how ridiculous it is for the writer to say “assuming both QB’s are still on the board”, but then end your rant with “it’s a safe ASSUMPTION they’ll be there at 3.” Aren’t you saying the same thing?

        • Because every single mock draft is 100% accurate right?

          Sure its likely that Burrow and Young are the first two off the board, but a lot could happen and change that. Burrow and/or Young could see their draft stock plummet for whatever reason, Tua and/or Herbet could see their draft stock soar for whatever reason, or a team[s] could trade up into a top two spot.

        • mpeasl82

          I saw a mock that had washington trading with miami so miami could jump up and take tua. it seemed kinda crazy to me but I did see one. had lions getting chase young. personally I think lions need to move back. preferably with dolphins for 5 and 18. take derrick brown 5 and best edge with 18.

      • If they’re not on the board at 3, that means Burrow is, so QB=trade still for Lions.

      • billybosox

        Yeah but Burrow is definitely going 1 or 2. Even if one of the two went as the other pick there will be one left at 3. The only way neither are available is if Burrow and Young get passed over for both of them in which case Burrow and Young are available at 3 and the Lions are morons if they trade that away. But obviously that’s unlikely. Regardless, agreed it was a bonehead comment.

        • TheBlueMeanie

          And the Lions could win the Super Bowl! “Anything can happen” “for whatever reason”

          Based on the empty comments, no seems to be the answer to my question. Thanks for stopping by!

        • TheBlueMeanie

          Based on the empty comments, no is the answer to my question. Thanks for stopping by!

          • “Based on the empty comments, no is the answer to my question. Thanks for stopping by!”

            You haven’t answered my question either, so I guess your comments are empty as well.

            • TheBlueMeanie

              Do you always belittle people and then expect answers to your rhetorical questions? Quit being a troll. You’ve brought absolutely nothing to the table.

              • You belittled the writer of the article because he wrote “assume” in the article, your entire post was about belittling him, and then at the end of your comment you said the exact same thing he did. I’m not a troll, just pointing out how hypocritical you are. So instead of trying to insult people—both the writer and commenters—grow up, and realize you said the exact same thing the writer said, yet you belittle him and expect praise be placed on you.

                • TheBlueMeanie

                  Quit making things up, troll. Not one thing I said was meant to belittle the writer nor did I ever say anything about expecting praise. I questioned his statement that both wouldn’t be there at #3 and asked if he’s seen anything to the contrary. Based on other comments I’ve read, I’m not the only one who questions that assertion. You, on the other hand, have brought nothing to the table in regards to the topic, just self-righteous, high-minded drivel.

    • tigerdoc616

      Yes, all the mock drafts have it going Burrows and Young. But a lot could happen over the next 2 months. Burrows could pull an Elway, for example.

      Lions are still in an ideal position to trade out of the #3 pick and get some additional help. If the package is right, would not bother me if we dropped far enough down that we miss on Okudah. He is good, and he fills a need. But the Lions have so many needs.

  2. cory4sox

    Tua tua Newa England. One more for TB12, Tua for the next 10. Brady becomes one with the force; Montana and Young are super-seeded by Tom and Tua.

    • aircarter777

      49ers had better overall teams back then but as far as QBs back to back, Id go with Favre and Rodgers as the best QB succession on record.

        • aircarter777

          stats show other than that and also including 49ers had far suppior talent surrounding their QBs

      • ” Id go with Favre and Rodgers as the best QB succession on record.”

        How? In nearly 30+ years with Favre/Rodgers the Packers have won 2 Super Bowls. Montana/Young won 5 in less years.

        • aircarter777

          49ers had better talent and the greatest player in NFL history catching the ball(Jerry Rice of course).

          • What about the Bledsoe -> Brady succession? Bledsoe was a good but not great quarterback in his own right just never won the big one until Brady came along. Stat wise Montana and Young are 3rd in this group while the other 2 are very close, title wise Favre and Rodgers are 3rd, while the Pats have the most with 6. QB rating for Bledsoe is where the Pats tandem starts to really take their hit. I’m a long suffering Lions fan so I have only had the pleasure of watching my team get wrecked by these teams over the years.

  3. JJB0811

    Teams always reach for QB’s. I’m betting that the Skins trade back at 2 and Young is available at 3.

    • dugdog83

      Exactly. It would take a kings ransom to get Skins to give up #2 but it could happen for a team that wants Tua.

      Of course Burrow #1.

      Lions at 3 getting Chase Young would be incredible but I doubt it will happen.

      • TheBlueMeanie

        “Of course Burrow #1”

        You sure about that, dugdog? I’ve been told “anything can happen” “for whatever reason” ;)

        And yes, as a Lions fan, getting Young at 3 would be incredible!

    • I don’t know the Skins will move back. They’re a mess and elite level talent that should help immediately is tough to pass on

      • crosseyedlemon

        I know I wouldn’t want to be the guy to tell Ron Rivera that they are trading back. He can still be a bit of a bear (no pun intended) when he gets angry.

        • Stat_head

          If Miami offered both 1st rd picks and a later round or 2/3 from next year I’m sure he’d find a way to cope.

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