Patriots Prepared To Pay Tom Brady $30MM/Year

Tom Brady and the Patriots could very well extend their remarkably fruitful relationship into 2020 and beyond, and New England is prepared to do whatever it can to make that happen. Per Ian Rapoport and Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network, the Pats are willing to pay Brady $30MM or more per season to get him to stay in Foxborough (video link).

That would bring Brady more in line with the pay of elite QBs around the league, but in addition to the size of his own contract, Brady wants the club to pony up some cash and/or draft capital to bring in more talent to surround him. The Pats were carried by their defense this year, and their general dearth of weapons at wide receiver and tight end proved to be costly down the stretch of the 2019 season and played a major role in their wildcard round defeat.

We have long heard that the Chargers could be among the non-Patriots suitors for Brady, and Rapoport confirms that the Bolts are expected to make a strong push for the legendary signal-caller. RapSheet notes in a written piece that the Chargers, who are prepared to move into an extravagant new stadium in LA, could incorporate Brady’s TB12 workout facility, which is important to Brady. Rapoport also mentions the Titans as a potential landing spot (depending, of course, on what they choose to do with Ryan Tannehill).

Meanwhile, the Patriots are working on contingency plans just in case they cannot convince Brady to rejoin them. One such option includes a trade for a veteran QB, and there could be several viable players on the trade market, including Cam Newton and Andy Dalton.

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38 comments on “Patriots Prepared To Pay Tom Brady $30MM/Year

  1. highplainsdriftr

    He has to go back to the Patriots. I don’t care who he is, you have to figure a year to really learn a new team and system given how long he has been doing it one way, so you’re really investing I. a guys age 44 season when he already looks like he can’t elevate a team alone? This is the biggest non story of the off season. He is going back to NE. Kraft will outbid anyone else and the Patriots have no plan in place if he left.

    • Ramon Garciaparra

      They were in two Super Bowls after trading Jimmy G. There are plenty of organizations that have never even been in two Super Bowls in their entire existence. I think they’ve done fine choosing Brady over Jimmy G.

      • Connorsoxfan

        I said at the time they’d regret not keeping Jimmy G. The two more SB appearances help, but if they only get the one extra ring out of it and waste away Belichick’s last years finding a replacement, is it really worth it? I don’t hate Stidham but who knows yet with him… Jimmy G presented them with the chance to continue unprecedented run of success, and that’s now up in the air.

        • Lars MacDonald

          So, you would have let Brady walk?
          They couldn’t afford both of them.

        • troll_smasher

          Jimmy G is surrounded by a superior defense AND running game. How many times has he carried a team on his back for a whole season using his arm? C’mon man, even if the Pats never win again, ONE extra ring was worth letting Jimmy G walk

          • mntwst

            Jimmy G is injury prone he couldn’t finish four games as a full in for the Pats

    • JT19

      In hindsight, yes that probably would’ve been the right decision. But at the time you could hardly blame them. The only options were to either keep going with the franchise icon and trade Jimmy G, or force Brady into retirement/cut him and pay Jimmy G hoping he would pan out.

      On a side, but still related note, not many other QBs would’ve done much with what the Patriots offense had this year. I’m not trying to defend Brady because he did look terrible at times during the season but the oline was bad and (not counting AB’s one game cameo) there was never a receiver on the field who could create seperation nor a receiver who demanded a double team or extra attention like Gronk did.

  2. Jcool90

    No sports players is worth 30m a year. Mahomes my QB Lamar. Nobody is. Like cmon sports players are overpaid and babys. Not like it was back in the day. I hope tom brady leaves.

    • dynamite drop in monty

      “Back in the day” lmao

      So what’s your solution? Pay them less so the owners make even more ludicrous amounts of money?

    • JT19

      Back in the day, do you mean when there was no such thing as free agency so owners basically controlled the market and wages? Yup definitely sounds better.

    • wordonthestreet

      Many many are worth $30 milion plus per year and getting it. It called the free market and the free market says they are worth it and getting it

  3. Connorsoxfan

    The idea that he doesn’t have any weapons to throw to is ridiculous. Edelman, obviously. Sanu is a good player it just didn’t work. They burned a 1st rounder on Harry, who can play. Dorsett is competent enough, and he was never asked to be a main guy. James White, etc. in the backfield… a number of teams would love to have their skill group of players… Are they prime Josh Gordon and Antonio Brown? Of course not. But the idea that they didn’t have enough to be successful is ridiculous to me.

    • jimdevinmoriah

      totally agree with you Connorsoxfan. plenty of good receivers and running backs to have made it to the big game. Brady was inconsistent in his passing and I feel that McDaniels offense has lost a step or two. need new plays.

  4. Max Jackson

    It’s possible Brady’s just gone where nobody else has in NE and grown tired, not of winning or respect but just needs a life change. The fact he’s moving locations speaks to that.

    It’s hard to imagine him playing for somebody else, especially with Kraft willing to mortgage the moon to keep him, but…who knows?

    • mgrap84

      I think he’s tired too and just wants a change and prove he can win somewhere other then New England

  5. mgrap84

    I think he just wants to play somewhere else to prove he can win somewhere other then New England. That’s the only thing he has left to prove. He has done everything else. Maybe the Patriots should have kept Jimmy G or did something to prepare for him leaving.

    • Ramon Garciaparra

      I think he wants a guaranteed contract worth $30 million a year for the next three years. That’s what I think. I don’t think Tom Brady cares about his legacy or his relationships with the patriots. I think he wants $90 million.

  6. Ramon Garciaparra

    Brady wants $30 million which is a good chunk of the Patriots cap space and would make it difficult to sign their defensive free agents including Collins, van noy, mcCourty, and Roberts. In the last two years the patriots have used first round picks on a left tackle, a running back and a wide receiver. Brady refused to attend voluntary camps to help develop these players. They spent a second round from the upcoming draft on Sanu who was not able to get in sync with Brady. They also invested future cap space in the train wreck named Antonio Brown.

    Brady will be 43 years old in the coming season. He has been acting like a petulant teenager. Maybe the lack of success with all these new weapons is the aging qb. Maybe instead of ignoring the needs of the defense to add more supposed firepower to the offense the patriots need to face up to the fact that for all his past glory Tom Brady like every player in history before him cannot beat Father Time. There is no precedent for a successful 43 year old qb. The Patriots can foolishly try to squeeze one more run from him and in the process decimate the rest of the team or they can acknowledge the reality of the situation and move on without him.

  7. EvilDeadpool

    Brady has earned a high payout years ago & sacrificed his pay for the team for how many Years? Now when he wants to get paid, you guys are like screw that. It makes sense when your old & done nothing in your career but Brady is the Goat. This is payment for all he has done, keeping him around to mentor the Future QB & for all those Super Bowls he has brought us. You think NFL teams buy Championships like the Skankees.

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