Raiders Hope To Hold Minicamp In Nevada

The Raiders move from Oakland to Las Vegas has been mired in dysfunction and mismanagement. While the team remains on schedule to play all of their home games in Las Vegas next season, the offseason plan remains up in the air. With training camp scheduled to take place in Napa, California, which is currently set to be their last action in the Bay Area, it was expected that offseason minicamps would likely be in California as well.

However, per Jerry McDonald of The Mercury News, Raiders head coach Jon Gruden told reporters that the team plans to hold minicamp at their Henderson, Nevada facility. Minicamp is scheduled for mid-June and the Henderson facility is still under construction. Furthermore, the Raiders have made no official announcement about a move to Nevada before the season starts. In fact, Gruden himself said the team would not move to Nevada until the conclusion of this year’s training camp.

It should not come as a huge surprise that the Raiders move is coming together rather sloppily. Given the massive undertaking of shifting an organization’s operations between states, delays are sure to happen. Of course, the Raiders reputation of organizational incompetence seems to leave an added layer of uncertainty.


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13 comments on “Raiders Hope To Hold Minicamp In Nevada

    • crosseyedlemon

      I’m just glad Al isn’t around to see how his son has destroyed the Raider legacy.

  1. Equinsu Ocha

    I agree that this is poorly written. What’s your point bud, the Raiders are organizationally incompetent? seems like a waste of time making that point.

  2. AGAVE

    Wouldn’t the LV construction want to use all available space to complete the stadium then have the team movein after completion?

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