Brandin Cooks Not On Trade Block?

The Rams have made some notable changes this offseason, with Todd Gurley‘s release being the biggest move from a team with some major questions atop its payroll. Brandin Cooks represents one of the big contracts on Los Angeles’ cap sheet, and a report earlier this month indicated the team was shopping him.

That no longer appears to be the case. The Rams do not have Cooks on the trade block, Peter King of NBC Sports notes. Considering Cooks’ concussion-marred 2020 and $12MM in guarantees due this season, this makes sense. The Rams would not be expected to collect full value for the twice-traded wideout, who is signed through 2023.

Cooks’ 1,000-yard streak stopped at four. In a down year for the Rams’ offense, the 26-year-old target only produced 582 yards in 14 games. Cutting Cooks would not be a realistic move for the Rams, who already ate considerable dead money from the Gurley release. Were Cooks to be shopped, King lists the Eagles, Packers, Raiders or Redskins as potential suitors.

Los Angeles still has Cooks, Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp. Woods, however, has outplayed his five-year, $34MM contract and Kupp is going into a contract year. Neither is in Cooks’ NFL tax bracket, but both outplayed him last season. Each surpassed 1,100 receiving yards in 2019. The former Saints and Patriots wideout, however, totaled a career-high 1,204 receiving yards in 2018.

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12 comments on “Brandin Cooks Not On Trade Block?

  1. bumpy93

    c’mon Howie! I would go high as our 3rd Rd pick (#103). I also would even pause and think hard about our 3rd. If it wasn’t for all of those concussions the last few seasons (Malcom Jenkins in SuperBowl 52). I think when healthy he is worth taking a risk on IMO

    • Domino427

      I don’t know how easy it would be to absorb his $ just for draft comp. I would think any deal would have to be creatively done to incorporate offloading Jeffrey (though that is all assumptive without looking closely at $).

      More so, I wonder if given his concussion history, anyone wants to commit to Cooks for 4 more seasons.

      • phillyballers

        A 1st would be involved hes injured they would have to waive a physical. Cost a 2nd to dump Brock.

  2. phillyballers

    So this is typically what happens once you pay the QB top dollar. The rest of the team goes to crap.

  3. Will McLaren

    It’s not worth trading for half value or cutting bait altogether. Hoping Brandin can stay health, post a 1000 yd season, and we forget this all happened.

  4. Unfit

    Bad contracts? Maybe salary dump given the plethora of quality receivers in the draft. Those bad contracts and change to a new coordinator is going to kill this team who has to play in a very strong division.

  5. Simmons>Russ

    Rams, think would be a good time to trade him.
    There’s still a number of teams that could do with an upgrade at WR, 49ers, Broncos, Colts, Eagles, Jets, Raiders and possibly Vikings.

    Cooks has a huge deal and with Woods and Kupp, you don’t exactly need him. Some teams will get a WR in the draft like the Raiders but I doubt there is enough for every team.

    How about Brandin Cooks and a 6th round pick for Marquise Goodwin and Solomon Thomas.
    Rams get a third WR and a young defender with potential. 9ers get themselves a solid starting WR to pair with Samuel.

    Or how about Cooks and a fourth round pick for Matt Judon.
    Rams get a solid defender to put pressure on the other teams QB which they desperately need. Ravens tagged and will probably trade Judon this deal gets them back a nice WR to pair with Hollywood Brown and makes that offence even tougher plus they get a nice pick

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