Latest On Tom Brady’s Bucs Contract

After a multi-day wait, Tom Brady officially signed with the Buccaneers. He agreed to a two-year, $50MM deal that is fully guaranteed. But some incentives have emerged that would allow the all-time great to collect more from the Bucs. The contract contains a max value of $59MM, per Albert Breer of (on Twitter).

Brady would collect an additional $500K if the Buccaneers make the playoffs, with that payout spiking to $750K for a playoff win and $1.25MM if the team reaches the NFC championship game, Breer tweets. Were Brady to play in a 10th Super Bowl, his wins-based incentive package would bump to $1.75MM. A second Bucs Super Bowl title would net the future Hall of Famer $2.25MM. The Buccaneers have not made the playoffs since 2007 and have not won a playoff game since Super Bowl XXXVII.

Additionally, performance-based incentives are included in the deal. A $563K bump each would commence if Brady finishes in the top five in passer rating, touchdown passes, passing yards, completion percentage and yards per attempt, Breer adds. The Patriots sweetened Brady’s deal through incentives in 2018, but the then-41-year-old quarterback did not hit those performance-based benchmarks.

While this is probably a moot point at Brady’s age, Breer adds that only four of these performance escalators would pay out in a given season. The incentives max out at $4.5MM in 2020 and ’21, Breer notes. Regarding the team incentives, Brady would need to play in 75% of the Bucs’ snaps to trigger them. Brady has taken 75% of his team’s snaps in all but three NFL seasons — 2000, 2008 and 2016.

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15 comments on “Latest On Tom Brady’s Bucs Contract

  1. georgemckeever

    I wonder if Jameis would take the backup position to Brady and take over again in two more years if he improves any…

    • mcase7187

      Kinda like what teddy did with the saints ?

      He might have if they didn’t dog him like they did and it would have been good move for both sides in case Brady fails or gets injured and will let’s be real there’s not much out their for him

  2. Raiderfan55

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care what a 43 year old brady is doing? Like we get it, he signed with Tampa and left the cheaters. Tampa still won’t make playoffs. Can we move on? Lol

    • B-Minus21

      He’s the most decorated player in history. He did it all with one team, and just left them despite most people assuming he’d return to NE. I understand you may be tired of hearing about him, but it’s absolutely understandable why a football website would continue to mention his goings on…

    • seth3120

      He may have lost a step but considering how good he’s been that’s still pretty good. The Bucs probably have the best wr group hes had since Moss(moss was just a beast in his prime). Let’s see what Brady looks like with a talented offense it’s hard to judge Brady with what he had to work with last year

  3. kevin

    Bucs will draft a qb either this yr or next . if I was them id draft one this yr to learn from Brady if they like a guy in this draft if not then they have to get one next yr in the draft u gotta atleast get a rookie qb learning from the brady for a season

  4. JJB0811

    Bucky Brooks on had a great write up Brady. He said all the right things about his achievements, and about poor line & WR play. But also wrote about Brady’s decline.

    Tampa got sales out of the signing, but they won’t get winning.

  5. illowa

    When you read that winning the superbowl only gets you a couple million in bonus money and you make about 1.6m for just playing a reg season game, winning playoff games and the championship should be worth more if you have incentives in your contract.

    • His wife makes more than him. He wants respect in his contract. The number doesnt really matter, but its how you get to the number.

        • SumTingWong

          you’re correct. her annual income has been steadily dropping over the years. 7 years ago it was 42 million.

  6. phillyballers

    I thought the most interesting aspect was he can’t be tagged. Hes going to be 45 or 46 at the end of the deal. A tag would be what 35M by that time?

  7. Thronson5

    I can’t help but constantly checking to see who the Pats are signing or trading for. I feel like Winston might go there or the Redskins but to me best fit is Cam is healthy. Can’t possibly go into next season with that they have. I just don’t see it. As for Brady, I was sayint I’d love to see him go to the Bucs but was honestly shocked he actually did. I can’t wait to see how he does there. Should be fun.

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