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We’ve already seen a few splash trades go down since the new league year began, and the next one many people have been talking about is the Jaguars’ Yannick Ngakoue. The defensive end has stated publicly that he doesn’t want to be in Jacksonville, so when the Jags franchise-tagged him anyway, many assumed it was the precursor to a tag-and-trade.

But while there’s been a ton of speculation, NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reported that there’s nothing brewing on the trade front right now, via Kevin Patra of (Twitter link). The fact that there’s no traction could have something to do with what Jacksonville is looking for. People around the league believe the Jaguars are looking for a compensation that “began with a first-round pick,” sources told Jordan Raanan of (Twitter link).

The Jags’ demands make sense given Ngakoue’s consistent production and the fact that he’s only 24, but it also makes sense why teams would be reluctant to part with a first-round pick considering he isn’t quite considered to be among the league’s true top-tier outside rushers. The Eagles are one team that’s been linked to some pass-rushers, and Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports tweets that they have “a lot of interest” in Ngakoue.

Any team that trades for Ngakoue will likely immediately try to sign him to an extension, so it sounds like they’ll have to give up an early pick and dish out a big payday. The Maryland product was drafted 69th overall back in 2016. He’s had at least eight sacks in each of his four pro seasons, and made the Pro Bowl in 2017 when he had 12.5.

He’s also had at least four forced fumbles in three of those seasons, and led the league with six in 2017. Right now he’s in a bit of a stalemate with the Jaguars, and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear more.


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26 comments on “Latest On Yannick Ngakoue

  1. Michael Chaney

    The Seahawks got a 1 and a 2 from the Chiefs (and swapped 3s) for Frank Clark last year so I don’t think a first is unreasonable on the surface, but the Jaguars also don’t really have the same leverage since Ngakoue clearly wants out

    • KevDrew

      I’ve been standing firm on him being in the top tier of edge rushers. Who else has the stats they referenced 4 yrs in a row and more. I have thought we may be able to get 2 firsts like we did for ramsey or like the dolphins did for laremy tunsil, but I really like your suggestion. You are right the jags lose leverage because he wants out, but we gain it back with his youth. He is younger than Frank Clark. As a jags fan I would hate giving him up, But this trade I would be good with.

      • Michael Chaney

        I agree that Ngakoue deserves to be mentioned as one of the best pass rushers in the league. He’s an incredible player.

        I just don’t know how the Jaguars’ lack of leverage would impact the return. Purely based on talent and age, he’s well worth a first rounder and probably a lot more.

  2. higgy5220

    Would love Baltimore to get it done! Have two 2nd rounders now if the price drops a little.

    • mgrap84

      That would have been nice but if they wanted him they would have got him instead of Campbell

      • dorfmac

        Not if the Jags were demanding a first and the Ravens deemed it too costly. Campbell fits with the Ravens well and they still need pressure off the edge.

        It’s tough to justify the Ravens trading for Yannick. They already have Judon on the tag and they can’t afford both simultaneously under the cap. Does Yannick represent enough of an upgrade to make it worth trading assets for him and then moving Judon for fewer assets?

        • mgrap84

          I don’t think he would have been worth it. To me Campbell is a great addition and it seems we are stock piling picks to move up to get the linebacker we want

    • KevDrew

      I wouldn’t do it, but I like your thinking. I thought the jags and ravens were gonna do this with ngakoue and judon and picks, but we gave up campbell instead…

  3. phillyballers

    10th in total sacks past 4 yrs and unlike Vic Beasley who’s top-20, he does not have 1 huge outlier season. Consistent edge production and stats healthy.

  4. Brad

    I heard Eagles are really trying to give Alshon in this trade. I saw as much as next years first and Alshon. I’d think a third this year would be a sweetener.

    • htbnm57

      I think the Eagles would trade Jeffreys for a cheesesteak and a six pack of Yeungling.

    • phillyvseverybody

      Including Alshon would be huge, especially if you’re signing him to an extension right away. A 1st, 3rd and Alshon?

    • Michael Chaney

      They have Von and Chubb, I don’t see a fit unless Chubb has a setback

  5. jonnyzuck

    maybe they’ll get a 1st for him but if I’m a GM, there are very few guys worth giving up a pick just to then have to sign to a big time contract. Sure he’s a good player but especially during the off-season when you can sign a player for just money, any trade and sign guy needs to be signed at enough of a discount to make it worth giving up the pick.

    • Big Angry Baby

      That’s EXACTLY what is happening with Jalen Ramsey … a CORNERBACK who the Jaguars got not one … but TWO first round picks and will be getting a boat load of cash.

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