Panthers Likely To Release Cam Newton Soon?

Although the Panthers are attempting to trade quarterback Cam Newton after landing another signal-caller in free agent Teddy Bridgewater, Carolina is having trouble finding a suitor, according to Jourdan Rodrigue of The Athletic (Twitter link). As a result, the Panthers are likely to simply release Newton in the near future.

Carolina’s inability to deal Newton is largely the result of two factors. First, the supply of quarterbacks currently outweighs the demand. Teams like the Bears and Colts have already made additions under center, while the Chargers aren’t planning to make a run at a veteran quarterback. As such, the Patriots may be the only club in need of an experienced passer.

Second, Newton finished the 2019 campaign on injured reserve after going down with a Lisfranc injury. Interested teams would certainly like to have Newton take a physical before acquiring him, but given the current COVID-19 travel restrictions, that doesn’t appear possible. It seems doubtful any club would take a chance on Newton’s health without checking him out in person.

The Panthers have no intention of retaining both Newton and Bridgewater, per Rodrigue, so once the latter completes a physical with Carolina, Newton is likely to be cut. At that point, the Panthers would pick up $19.1MM in cap relief while absorbing $2MM in dead money.

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14 comments on “Panthers Likely To Release Cam Newton Soon?

  1. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Third, why trade for him when everybody knows Carolina won’t be keeping him?

    • Exactly. The Panthers have no leverage because A) they signed Bridgewater so they’re set to pay mega buxxx to two QBs and B) if the Panthers release him, any team can have him without giving up anything and probably would get a really nice discount instead of paying Cam $20+ million.

    • casperkk

      If you’re able to trade him you don’t have to pick him up in the open market and compete with other teams. This works if more than one team is interested.

      • victorg

        yeah but he is not gonna get 20 mil from anyone … i think his best case would be a 2 years 30 mil total deal… there is no team out there going to give him a 3 year 60 mil deal

  2. phillyballers

    Is it me, or are NFL teams taking on a LOT of dead cap this year?

    • 2 million isnt much but there are some high numbers like eric berry’s dead money.

      • phillyballers

        Yea Berry is 8M
        Gurley + Matthews 22.15M
        Flacco 13.6M
        Trumaine Johnson 12M
        Reid + Cam = 7M

        I think some of these go down for Post-June 1st but still just seems like a lot of money going out the door.

  3. Thronson5

    I would love to see Cam go to the Chargers. I know they seem set to go with Taylor and most likely draft a QB but with their attendance issues, moving into a new stadium, signing Cam would not only put more butts in the seats but would give them a better chance at winning if he’s healthy. Can still draft a QB and if he doesn’t work it after this season then they can move on. Personally think he’s just been plagued by injuries lately and is still better than a lot of the guys starting in this league right now.

  4. Gandalf33

    The most likely destinations for Cam are…

    1- Washington – With Ron Rivera taking over as coach, he may want to bring Cam in for a year or two and let Dwayne Haskins develop behind him.

    2 – New England – With Tom Brady signing with Tampa, the Patriots brass may swing a trade for Cam. That way, they won’t miss out on a compensatory pick in next year’s draft.

    3 – Los Angeles Chargers – Phillip Rivers is gone, and LA could draft Tua Tagavailoa or Justin Herbert at #6. Cam could be signed for a year or two to let that new QB sit and learn for a year or two.

    4 – Las Vegas Raiders – With the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, they could pull a trade to bring butts to the seats for their first year in the desert. Cam has the name recognition to be a big draw.

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