Patriots Tried To Trade For DeAndre Hopkins

Before the Cardinals swung their blockbuster deal for DeAndre Hopkins, the Patriots tried their hand with the Texans, Albert Breer of The MMQB (Twitter video link) hears. The Patriots were in on talks for the wide receiver over the past couple of weeks, but ultimately did not get a deal done.

During the talks, the Patriots might have been operating with the assumption that they’d be reunited with Tom Brady. Of course, that’s no longer the case – Brady announced on Tuesday morning that he’s leaving New England. Bill Belichick and the Patriots are of course no strangers to bringing in big name receivers, like when they traded for Randy Moss way back in 2007 or when they briefly signed Antonio Brown last season.

It’s possible that they made a push for Hopkins as part of a broader effort to entice Brady to stay. Despite the dominance of their defense New England’s offense struggled for much of last season, and the Pats were frequently criticized for not giving Brady enough weapons after the retirement of Rob Gronkowski.

It’s unclear what the Patriots were offering, although it’s possible that the Texans weren’t inclined to send him to a conference rival and would’ve preferred to send him to the NFC even if the compensation was similar or better. Texans coach/GM Bill O’Brien has been on the receiving end of a lot of flak for the startlingly small package he got from Arizona, but at least he was on the phone with multiple teams.

As for New England, Breer adds that they’re still looking at tight ends and receivers, so don’t expect them to give up on upgrading the offense. Obviously finding a new quarterback is now the top priority, but whoever it is will need an upgraded receiving corp. Julian Edelman, who has been Brady’s reliable safety blanket over the years, will turn 34 in May.

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27 comments on “Patriots Tried To Trade For DeAndre Hopkins

  1. david722

    The best part of this news is that the Patriots will be trending toward irrelevance.

  2. crazylarry

    Poor arrogant Pats missed out on another player. Kraft will have to go to Florida and get a rub down.

  3. goldenmisfit

    Bill O’Brien is a horrible head coach and is just as horrible as a general manager. Willing to bet patriate made a much better offer but he did not want to send his number one receiver to a conference rival so he decided to send a top three receiver to the NFC West for a burger and some fries.

    • jeremy

      i disagree because they traded jimmy g for little so who to say they didnt make a good offer

      • victorg

        i personally think they traded Jimmy for so little number one because BB wanted to stick it to Kraft for making him trade him and also to help out Jimmy in hopes that maybe he would come back later as a FA

      • braveshomer

        I mean they gave a 2nd for Mohammad Sanu…I’m sure they offered more for Hopkins…BOB just thought it was too much they were offering and like yall said he likes Burgers and Fries better than 1st round picks lol

  4. nentwigs

    Brady’s decision driven by Patriots’ inactivity/lack of success in landing proven receiver targets for him?
    Got to be frustrating for Brady to see both Hopkins and Diggs end up in non-Patriot uniforms. This might be just a knee-jerk reaction that ends up opening up the lines of contract communication with the Patriots and/or spurs the Patriots into action on acquiring proven receiving talent.

  5. victorg

    they probably offered a 1st and a 4th and BOB hung up on them and called up ARI

    • JoeBrady

      People who turn on the computer, and then sign into a website, for the sole purpose of saying they don’t care, are beyond bizarre.

  6. Z-A

    Maybe now they will have to actually talk about sports-related topics on their radio stations up in New England. Having to work up in that area the past year or so has been a miserable experience. WORST sports radio stations I’ve ever heard. Basically no different than listening to rock jocks during morning commutes talk about “30 percent of people do this first when they wake up” type of garbage radio. The #1 topic during the season was Alex Guerrero on the sidelines.

    • denger1398

      You obvioulsy listened though!!! thank god you were only here for a year GOOD reddance

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