Trent Williams Not Asking For $20MM/Year?

A quality back-and-forth battle between the Redskins and Trent Williams‘ camp has formed over the acclaimed left tackle’s asking price for what would be his third NFL contract. Team Williams insists it is not as high as what has been reported.

While Williams is believed to want a new contract post-trade, Williams’ agent, Vince Taylor, said — during an appearance on 106.7 The Fan — reports of his client wanting a $20MM-per-year deal are “totally false.”

Multiple reports this month linked Williams to seeking a tackle-record contract;’s Albert Breer reiterated this as an issue for teams during a Wednesday appearance on 106.7. Williams’ contract demands are believed to be a bigger impediment toward a deal than the Redskins’ asking price of a second-round pick.

However, Taylor said multiple teams called Washington’s asking price “outrageous.” He hopes the Redskins will release Williams, but a report earlier Thursday indicated that will not happen. One year and $12.5MM remains on the soon-to-be 32-year-old left tackle’s contract. Taylor added that a $16MM offer would not be out of step. With Williams having not played since 2018 and having run into injury trouble on a few fronts over the past few years, that price will probably be too high as well.

If we could get to a point where we could talk about those numbers, that would not be a holdup for us,” Taylor said. “The contract has never been the holdup. The Redskins prior to the Combine put Trent on the trade market. They had him on [the trade block] maybe 10 days, and even through the Combine, which is the biggest business platform for teams looking to wheel and deal. Upon leaving the Combine, the Redskins had not gotten one offer that they could bring to Trent and I so that I could negotiate our side.”

The Browns, Jets and Vikings have been mentioned as interested parties, but it does not look like a deal is close at this point.

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13 comments on “Trent Williams Not Asking For $20MM/Year?

  1. badco44

    Funny his asking price has been out for a long time and he is just now correcting and saying that’s not the price? Really. Sorry I’m not buying it

  2. kylewait89

    The Jets should probably decide whether or not the 48th pick would net them better than Williams and his contract. Hey really shouldn’t go into the year with George Fant playing the blind side for Darnold. They’ve improved their roster enough to threaten for the division. I really don’t see the benefit of not protecting their franchise QB.

    • king beas

      If the jets gave up pick 48 it would be an overpay since nobody is meeting their 2nd round asking price

      • kylewait89

        That’s not the question. One of the better LT and leaps and bounds over what they currently have. But is the player they get going to come close to what the Jets get from Williams? Not likely. The only good second rounder in a decade has been Marcus Maye. Before that David Harris and before that Mike Nugent. Historically the Jets flub away their second rounder. They might as well get an All-Pro talent to protect their franchise QB.

  3. Travy

    I think it would be a great pick up for the Vikings. Cut Reiff I have been watching that human revolving door for too many seasons!

  4. Simmons>Russ

    Trent Williams and the number 2 pick in the draft for the number 4 pick in the draft, Evan Engram, Nate Solder, a future second and a future fifth rounder

    Skins get rid of Williams and his distractions, and replace him with Solder who is a down grade but fills a gap at o line. Skins also get a TE which a hole they have needed to fill and a bunch of picks.

    GMen get Chase Young who solidifies that defence and will put constant pressure on the QB. They also fix that o line by getting Williams which sets up Danny dimes and Barkley to be more successful. They also get rid of Solders stupid deal.

  5. kylewait89

    Question…why would the Skins do this? Yes they get Engram but they lose out on Chase Young. Solder is likely better than whoever played LT last year while Williams sat. But they are clearly losing the better player. I honestly could see a Williams/Solder plus a pick or two but I wouldn’t get why they’d give up Chase Young just to get rid of Williams.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Spotrac has Tom Condon listed as Williams agent so when did he make the change? Williams never mentioned a number but he did state that he should to be the leagues highest paid offensive lineman. That would certainly put him near the $20M mark as Lane Johnson is currently the highest paid at $18M.

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