AFC Notes: Ravens, Patriots, Rivers

After the Ravens added Ohio State’s J.K. Dobbins in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft, Mark Ingram believes his team officially has the best running game in the league.

“I like his mindset, I like his attitude, I like the way he run the ball. Just bring him and his talents to our room that’s already special; our backfield is gonna be the best in the league for sure,” Ingram told NFL Network’s Colleen Wolfe (via’s Grant Gordon). “We’re all looking forward to it, being playmakers for the team and help us win the championship.”

Last season, Ingram and quarterback Lamar Jackson became just the second RB-QB duo to top 1,000 rushing yards in the same season (Warrick Dunn and Michael Vick did it with the Falcons in 2006). Gus Edwards also had a productive season in Baltimore, running for 711 yards and two scores. Even Justice Hill found the end zone twice as a rookie.

While the backfield may be a bit crowded, it doesn’t sound like Ingram is too concerned about carries. Rather, the veteran is focused on winning a championship, and he passed that mindset on to his rookie teammate.

“He reached out to me,” Ingram said. “Right after he got drafted, just shot me his number, said he was looking forward to getting to work. I told him let’s go get a ring.”

Let’s check out some more notes from around the AFC…

  • Sticking with Baltimore, Ravens GM Eric DeCosta told season ticket holders that the team doesn’t have a whole lot of salary cap flexibility (via The Athletic’s Jeff Zrebiec on Twitter). DeCosta noted that if the front office did open up space, they’d likely pursue a pass rusher/linebacker or a veteran offensive lineman.
  • Reports yesterday indicated that Tom Brady‘s “deteriorating relationship” with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was a big reason why the quarterback left New England. However, Brady vehemently denied those rumors via Instagram, asking reporters to “[p]lease be more responsible with reporting” (via Charean Williams of McDaniels and Brady had been paired together for more than a decade, winning six Super Bowls along the way.
  • In 2019, Philip Rivers was playing behind a Chargers offensive line that ranked 29th in effectiveness, per Pro Football Focus. In Indy, he’ll be playing behind an offensive line that was ranked third by the same metric, and that’s a big reason why the veteran decided to join the Colts. “The big part of Philip being here is Anthony CastonzoQuenton Nelson,” said offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni (via’s Nick Shook). Ryan KellyBraden SmithMark Glowinski. Those guys are studs…That’s something that he just kept mentioning after we signed him of how valuable those guys were to him.”
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19 comments on “AFC Notes: Ravens, Patriots, Rivers

  1. crosseyedlemon

    “[p]lease be more responsible with reporting”

    Unless your reporting that I’m being underpaid.

  2. JJB0811

    “[p]lease be more responsible with reporting”

    Journalism, in all mediums, no longer exists. They simply make up statements for click bait.

    • crosseyedlemon

      There are many journalistic frauds but there are good journalists as well. I’d rather live in a country that allows reporting than one where state sanctioned censorship rules.

      • JJB0811

        It’s the same thing. When journalist edit or change comments to fit their needs, how is that different than censorship?

        Staying on sports only, Tom called that entire article BS. Why aren’t Tom’s words used to challenge the author? Where are the docs or statements to back ‘Tom was mad at Josh’? there aren’t any. It’s make believe. The link goes to PFT then to a twitter page. That’s it.

        All we have read about Tom and the Pats was his ‘madness’ vs Bill & now Josh. Maybe he was ready for a change. It happens. in my 40’s, I’m much happier to be in Florida than some snowy state. I lived in the cold for 10 years. It gets old.

        Twitter is not a news source, sorry. It’s people chatting, not journalism.

        • crosseyedlemon

          You know there is a big difference JJ. The mere fact that Tom is calling out BS, allows readers like you and I to investigate further to find out which, if either account, holds any water. In a country ruled by censorship, if you try to investigate anything, there is a knock on your door in the dead of night and you disappear for good.

          • JJB0811

            We can’t investigate Tom’s feelings towards his OC. That’s impossible. Sure, they laughed and argued. Who doesn’t in any work environment?

            Gary Meyer’s sent a tweet and now its conclusive that Tom and Josh’s relationship fell apart. That’s it. One 30 word tweet & its the end of story. Some ‘news guy’ says so, not Josh or Tom, but some journalist.

            • crosseyedlemon

              Why can’t personal relationships be investigated JJ? Police do this all the time when a crime has been committed. Very few relationships occur in a total vacuum. I don’t know a thing about this Meyers or his reputation and even if he is talking nonsense that doesn’t mean all journalists are irreputable.

              • JJB0811

                So who are you going to call Tom, Josh, Bill or Gary? I don’t have their numbers. In fact, you make my case, you ‘don’t know a thing about this Meyers or his rep.’. Your statement.

                NFL talk only, everyone knows that PFT will delete comments that disagree w/ their authors. It’s the whole reason I quit following them years ago. Their word is all that matters. If you agree w/ PFT, then your comment can stay. If not (w/o any cuss words or rudeness) then it disappears. Heck, CBS sports,, SI, & BR all have removed the comment section. Literally over disagreeing w/ their author’s opinions. And yet, we’re supposed to trust them?

                • crosseyedlemon

                  I don’t know what to tell you JJ. Your an intelligent guy but if you want to believe all reporting is a conspiracy to deceive you then that’s fine.

                  • JJB0811

                    It’s not all conspiracy, nor is it 100% fact. As for the Tom thread, frankly I don’t trust the Meyers tweet. When you win 6 SB rings together, there’s more trust than animosity. That tweet was for showmanship more than anything else. It has 0 facts backing it. And yet its spread & accepted as if its gospal.

                  • crosseyedlemon

                    I would also like to point out that the opinions of people like JJ and myself are not that important that anyone would lose any sleep over them. The main reason many sports forums are closing is because the moderators are simply fed up with adults acting like a kindergarden class. The same thing will happen here if we don’t make more of an effort to respect each other.

                • JJB0811 is right.

                  The establishment media in the US has been working hard on shuttering comment sections for the last five years. The goal is to censor other viewpoints and go back to the good old days of the boob tube with one way communication. The next stage was locking dissident indie publishers out of social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube). Done.

                  For establishment media, killing comments on the sports section is just collateral damage. The goal is to get rid of comments on hot issues.

                  The next stage will be removing sites the establishment doesn’t like from the internet. Given the indirect control the US has over .com, .net and .org, that should be fairly easy. For the other TLD’s, they will receive point-blank requests to delist domain or find the entire TLD blocked in the US.

                  Welcome to our new Brave New World. Did you really think we would be allowed long term freedom of expression on the internet?

  3. JJB0811

    I’ve never cussed on this site (3+ years thereabout reading it). Admittedly, I’ve disagreed with authors and fans, but never was vulgar. Nor will I be. I don’t have to be vulgar to state an opinion.

    I do disagree with you, our points & opinions are valid. Just because we don’t work for a sports outlet doesn’t mean our thoughts aren’t important. I’d bet I agree with your take 80% of the time and enjoy this dialogue. Those sports sites don’t like it, and therefore delete others opinions, that’s censorship.

    • crosseyedlemon

      It would be flattering to think my opinion is so important that websites fear me and want to censor me because I am so influential but that would be absurdly ridiculous. Hope you don’t get so discouraged with reporters that you leave this site JJ. You would be missed.

      • JJB0811

        I appreciate the comment. I have no plans to leave. I LOVE the banter between people, as long as its civil. But journalism, in stating facts, is gone. Simply is.

        ESPN runs more shows for their hosts’ opinions rather than simply telling the day in sports. Steven A Smith and other loud mouths get more ESPN time than what happened in the day of sports.

        I’m looking at ESPN’s schedule now. 1st take extra, Jalen & Jacoby, Highly Questionable & around the Horn go to 5. Nothing more than you and I talking sports. It’s their opinions & vulgarity that ‘make’ these shows. However, we can’t opine on their takes now? That’s baloney.

        • crosseyedlemon

          If a website doesn’t want feedback that is their prerogative. Haven’t bothered with ESPN in years so that’s their loss and a gain for sites like PFR.

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