Dez Bryant Receiving NFL Interest

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Dez Bryant on the field, but he could be on the verge of making his return. The former Cowboys star has received calls from teams interested in potentially signing him, according to his coach Steven Sims (Twitter link via John Keim of

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Bryant has spent the last several months training and Sims says he’s lost about 15-20 pounds in his post-rehab regimen. We haven’t heard much from the outspoken wide receiver in a few months, but at last check, he was lobbying the Cowboys for a reunion. When asked, owner Jerry Jones didn’t dismiss the possibility, though that was before the start of free agency and the NFL Draft. Today, they have a dozen receivers on the roster, headlined by star Amari Cooper and promising first-round pick CeeDee Lamb.

Bryant, 32 in November, posted at least 1,200 yards in three seasons for Dallas (2012-2014) and earned three Pro Bowl trips (2013, 2014, 2016). His 2014 showing – 88 catches for 1,320 yards and a league-leading 16 touchdowns – earned him a five-year, $70MM extension. After that, injuries started to slow him down. In 2016, he bounced back with a career-high 15.9 yards per catch, but he couldn’t sustain that in 2017. Despite turning in his first fully healthy season in years, Bryant finished with just 838 receiving yards in his last time out.

Bryant famously rejected a three-year, $21MM offer from the Ravens, only to sign a short-term midseason deal with the Saints in 2018. He never took the field for New Orleans, thanks to a ruptured Achilles.

After spending last year away from the game, Bryant is itching to get back on the field. And, according to his coach, there are teams ready to help facilitate.

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36 comments on “Dez Bryant Receiving NFL Interest

  1. mdunkel

    Why would anyone bring in a 32 year old player who hasn’t been productive in 4 years and brings all that drama?

  2. phenomenalajs

    I could see the Jets giving him a shot, but I’d prefer bringing back Demaryius Thomas to mentor Denzel Mims.


    Dez is one of the greats and very smart he will use his size and be very productive if he stays healthy 35 or not he will still be an upgrade for a few teams looking for a number two that could still put up number one numbers ya dig. Think if sean payton was willimg to give him a shot means he aint lost much game and prilly would of put them over the top had been healthy never was fastest guy on field anyways now he just smarter with with a chip on his shoulders..

  4. afsooner02

    I don’t like him….but man….packers could use him if he’ll play ball and shut up.


    Remember the easiest three positions on the field to play until 40 or better is quarterback receiver && corner back

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      CB? I don’t know, you can train to maintain strength as you age. There’s no warding off when that speed starts to slow though, and those fast twitch muscles are just a tick less than they were.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Is this Steven Sims the equivalent of Kaepernick’s girlfriend or something?

  7. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Raiders or Eagles for Dez

    Also, what about Josh Gordon

    Sign them both lol!

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      As a Raider fan, I wouldn’t mind seeing Dez in LV. They could use another bigger bodied WR.

  8. christianponder

    Every player’s agent claims teams are looking to sign him lol fake news

  9. Ak185

    Realistically, hate him or not, does he offer more than the average player for the league minimum (or close to it)? The answer is yes, if his Achilles tear did not destroy his athletic ability in total. That, plus the hypothetical possibility of his recapturing a portion of his ability in highpointing the ball, could certainly have teams trying to sign as an additional weapon for an inexperienced or unproductive corps of receivers. Teams should know which Dez they’re getting of course, but it’d be unrealistic to think that Dez does not have any potential value as a low level signing.

  10. Now don’t sleep on the team that wants anyone/everyone regardless of current ability. If there was hype in the past, they’ll take him now. I am of course referring to the Cleveland Browns.

    • Ak185

      Well, I think their personal relationship is fine, but Dak at that point did not have the skill set that suited Bryant’s abilities. Dez is a “go up and get it” type of receiver who wants to high-point the football on 50/50 balls. That requires elite accuracy and timing from the pocket, plus a willingness to trust the receiver and take a bit of a risk. At least, he used to be that type of receiver.

      The types of QBs who could throw those and back shoulder fades (the best passers) are the type who needed receivers like Bryant. Dak was promising when he had Bryant and certainly had his strengths, but he was not a risk taker (not necessarily a bad thing) and did not have that back shoulder fade type of throw in his repertoire (most QBs, even pocket passers, don’t). I don’t know if he can throw those now, but Prescott certainly is more comfortable taking risks and leading the offense. Bryant will probably never be at that same level ever again but Dak is in a better position now to use him than he was a few years ago, if it were to happen.

        • Ak185

          You read that wrong. Dak had yet to develop that skillset. And Dez was at his best as a jump ball receiver. A quarterback has to be able to throw that for the receiver to benefit.

          Was Dez a great receiver? Yes, but we found out that he was not a well rounded one, at least by the time Dak came along. I agree that Dak was the better investment for the Cowboys and they needed to build around him, but it is a fact to say that, at least at the time, his and Dez’s skill sets did not match as well as Dez and Romo’s did. After having Romo for so long, it definitely would have been new for Bryant to try and match with a QB who has a TOTALLY different playing style. As for his production, 800+ yards isn’t that bad, if you’re not a #1 receiver. So to say that he didn’t have any skills is a bit too far.

          Don’t think that I’m attacking Dak, I’m certainly not. He had and has other skills now that add a lot of value to a team. But most QBs take a while to learn how to do that type of throw well and need a lot of experience in knowing when and with whom to take that kind of risk. Some never do (not saying Dak won’t, he’s a hard worker and a smart guy by all counts) and are still good QBs for their other skills. I think Dak is a good QB who still has potential even four years in. So nothing against Dak-if nothing else, it shows how Bryant was not very versatile as a receiver. He was a pure X, go up and get it or take a short pass with RAC type of guy, but he was good at it.

  11. zephyrcowboyfan

    If Dallas hadn’t drafted CeeDee, there could have been a place for him there. No longer.
    Now I’d like to see him in Houston.
    If he can just keep his yap shut.
    No WR works harder after the catch.

  12. jacl

    Dez wasn’t good with the Cowboys and won’t be good anywhere else. I am a Cowboys fan but most of their players are overated. They have been for 25 years and that’s why we can’t ever win anything.

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