Eagles Unwilling To Approach Jadeveon Clowney’s Asking Price?

Pass rushing stands as the Eagles’ biggest remaining need and Jadeveon Clowney stands as the best pass rusher left on the market. It seems like a natural fit for Howie Roseman & Co., but the Eagles’ don’t seem to have much interest in him at this time, according to SiriusXM’s Adam Caplan (via the Inside The Birds podcast).

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In fact, the Eagles haven’t even been in touch with Clowney’s representatives, according to Caplan. Instead, the Eagles caught wind of Clowney’s asking price through the grapevine and quickly decided that it was too rich for their blood. When free agency started, Clowney was reportedly seeking $21MM. A few weeks in, he dropped that ask to somewhere around $17MM. Meanwhile, Caplan gets the sense that the Eagles would only explore Clowney if he slashed it down to about $10MM on a one-year deal. Even then, he’s not so sure the Eagles would bite.

Clowney, the top pick in the 2014 draft, has tallied 32 regular season sacks over the course of his career. Last year, he notched his first ever postseason sack and also caused a stir when he took out Carson Wentz with a late hit. For what it’s worth, Wentz recently said that he would be alright with Clowney joining the locker room.

I don’t think he had any ill will with that hit,” Wentz said (via Reuben Frank of NBC Sports). “That’s part of football. But he’s a heck of a player, so I trust Howie to make the right decisions to make our team the best we can be.”

Unless Clowney drastically lowers his price, it sounds like Roseman will pass on Clowney. No matter what, the Eagles will have to improve their edge group between now and September. Last year, the Eagles’ D ranked just 19th against the pass and Brandon Graham represented the team’s only reliable blitzer. In the draft, the Eagles nabbed some offensive linemen, a pair of linebackers, tons of speedy wide receivers, and even a quarterback in Jalen Hurts, but they did not select an edge rusher until the seventh round.

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15 comments on “Eagles Unwilling To Approach Jadeveon Clowney’s Asking Price?

  1. cant_teach_speed

    Wants to be paid for his draft pedigree. Doesn’t realize teams want to pay for on-field production and value

  2. rgreen

    Eagles could upgrade the pass rush,particularly the depth beyond Graham and Barnett.But Sweat and Hall aren’t terrible,and if they don’t bring in additional help,one of S.Miller or J.Ostman could be the 5th guy.

    Part of their problem against the pass were the injuries on the inside and in the secondary.The additions of Hargrave and Slay should go a long way to help,plus the depth additions like Parks,Wallace,and T.Williams.

    Their most questionable position is linebacker.

    • rgreen

      Actually even forgot about NRC as another addition to the secondary.And Trevor Williams is a nice wild card,under the radar signing that rarely gets mentioned by anyone.Those 2,plus Slay,could actually end up being a whole new set of starters,and a really good Trio as well.

        • rgreen

          Blurb? What exactly is that?

          If you’re asking where in this article is it,the article talks about where they ranked against the pass.Nrc and Williams are cornerbacks,which are mostly weapons against the pass….And my 2nd comment was a continuation of my first comment,since I noticed that I forgot to mention NRC.

  3. Whateverworks77

    And the price keeps goin down.. maybe show your athleticism and play and your price woulda been spot on

  4. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Are the Eagles really any good?
    I am happy they won the Super Bowl a few years ago, but they have sucked apples since

    Their W/R’s were dreadful last year and now they might interested in Clowney
    I am not certain that signing Clowney would help this team! It might drum up some interest from real Eagles fans, but not much else.

    • rgreen

      The wrs were bad last year because they were hurt.And they still came back at the end of the year to win the division,with a group of practice squad receivers.They could have Jeffery and Jackson back,plus added Reagor and Goodwin,plus a couple more guys later to compete for roles.They added Hargrave and improved the corners.

      2 9-7 seasons after winning the super bowl isn’t great,but it’s far from sucking apples.

  5. wagner13

    Why doesn’t Clowney take a one year deal to rebuild his value? Nobody wants to pay him after producing just 3 sacks. If he mellows out and accepts a “prove-it” contract, he could reap the benefits of a 2021 payday. His low production was rather fluky, so you figure he has nowhere to go but up…

  6. crosseyedlemon

    The Eagles face the Redskins and Giants OL twice, the Bengals, Browns and Cardinals OL as well, so why pay a high premium for a pass rusher unless your terrified of the Cowboys OL?

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